Sunday, January 23, 2022

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Stung and looking for revenge? Derry council drafts new AGC policy following court defeat

Derry Wall
Derry Council did not take kindly to an appeal court recently overturning their attempts to block Oasis from opening an amusement arcade. So much so that the councillors have now decided to rewrite the rules. But even that, it seems, could be a contravention of the law. A new policy for granting amusement arcade permits has been created by the...

Derry judge overturns council’s licence rejection in landmark ruling

Derry will have its own Oasis thanks to a court appeal victory for the amusements operator. But the decision is far more than a licence, it’s a warning sign to local councils that they must uphold the law and, notably, open businesses up on the high street rather than pulling the shutters down on them.   A court judgement in Derry,...

Derry’s local authority in disarray over permit

Coinslot - Derry's authority permit permit
After its decision to refuse Oasis Retail Services’ arcade permit was overturned in court, Derry City and Strabane District Council has decided to repeat its misdemeanour, rejecting another operator’s application. To top it all, the council is now considering appealing the court ruling, all at the local ratepayers’ expense. The battle for the right to trade is raging in...

Court overturns council decision to refuse new Derry AGC

Coinslot - Court Derry AGC
Following a permit refusal from the council for its new AGC site, operator Oasis Retail Services has successfully appealed the decision in court.   Derry court has granted permission for a new AGC to open in the city centre after a judge quashed the council’s decision to refuse the permit. The decision was made at a hearing of the Court of Appeal...