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Comment: Let Northern Ireland tourism reach its full potential, says Cut Tourism VAT boss

ireland Dermot King tourism tax
Dermot King, chairman of the Cut Tourism VAT campaign, explains that a VAT tax cut from the ongoing consultation would offer growth spurt to tourism in Northern Ireland.   Tourism is a strategic industry for Northern Ireland,where we are the face of the region to 4.5m visits each year, bringing in £850m in total revenue and accounting for four percent of...

Butlin’s boss calls for school holidays VAT cut test

Coinslot - Butlin's VAT school holiday bourne
Dermot King has once again issued calls for a reduction in leisure VAT, suggesting that impeding school holidays would be ripe for experimentation.   The boss of Butlin’s-owner Bourne Leisure has called on the government to test the effect of a cut in VAT on the tourism industry by implementing it during school holidays. Dermot King, who is also chairman of the...

Perennially ReBourne: how Butlins stayed relevant for 80 years

Coinslot Butlins
As Butlins celebrates its 80th birthday, managing director Dermot King explains how the archetypal staycation brand stays likeable and lucrative in the 21st century. Butlins is well aware that it is not what it once was. At its peak in the 1960s, Billy Butlin’s industrialisation of the British holiday comprised ten camps across the UK, Ireland and the Bahamas. Over...

King looks ahead

ireland Dermot King tourism tax
In an excerpt from an interview with Conference News, Butlin’s MD and VAT campaigner Dermot King reveals the future for his company and his hopes for cuts to tourism tax. In the late 1980’s I joined Bourne Leisure and earned a reputation of sorts by successfully challenging the way the UK implemented the tax rules on the sale of holiday...