Tuesday, January 25, 2022

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Matlock Bath arcade thief handed community order

Theft Derwent Amusements
A Derbyshire man who stole £3,000 from gaming machines while employed by Derwent Amusements in Matlock Bath has been given an 18-month community..

Derbyshire amusement ride gets its ducks in a row

Coinslot - Ducks
A ride at Gulliver’s Kingdom in Derbyshire had to be stopped after a family of ducks took up residence upon its waterways, according to none other than the Derbyshire Times.   The group in question, which consists of one duck and 12 ducklings, has apparently caused quite the stir after choosing the Pirate Adventure Ride as their new home, and in...

Salmon continues American Adventure crusade

Coinslot - Derbyshire theme park Declan Salmon petition american adventure
The reopening of Derbyshire’s American Adventure theme park has grown one step closer to being a reality as the petition edges closer to 10,000 signatures.   The Burton Mail has reported that a local resident is closing in on a petition milestone that he hopes will lead to the reopening of a theme park. Amusements aficionado, Declan Salmon, of Newhall, is convinced...

Derbyshire theme park petition reaches 7,500 signatures

Coinslot - Derbyshire theme park Declan Salmon petition american adventure
The power of communication and the vision of an 18-year old boy could could inspire a new vision for amusements in Derbyshire.   Teenager Declan Salmon has started a petition to rebuild a Shipley-based theme park, an initiative which has now attracted more than 7,500 signatures. The 18-year old, who used to visit the park when he was younger, is convinced that...