Friday, May 20, 2022

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Same old, same old: Gambling related harm debate offers little the industry hadn’t heard before

Legislation gambling related harms Carolyn Harris
The usual suspects were in strong voice singing from the staple prohibitionist hymn-sheet in a parliamentary debate on gambling-related harms this week. However, they failed to respond to concerns that over-regulation could drive players to the black market and floundered when challenged by statistical evidence. The emergence of emotion over evidence has taken over the parliamentary stage.

TouchTunes to lead contactless debate at both Pub 2019 and EAG

TouchTunes, contactless, debate, Pub 2019, EAG
TouchTunes will be raising the bar at the upcoming Pub 2019 and EAG exhibitions, driving the debate around contactless. James Luck talks to Coinslot about what it’s planning and how its highly acclaimed Angelina jukebox will be showcasing the contactless potential over the coming weeks. TouchTunes, the world’s largest in-venue interactive music and entertainment platform, will be leading the countless...