Wednesday, September 23, 2020


Peter Hannibal: Is driving National Lottery revenues compatible with protecting the vulnerable?

Peter Hannibal Gambling Business Group National Lottery revenues
Peter Hannibal, chief executive of the cross-sector strategic body, the Gambling Business Group, is calling on the DCMS and the Gambling Commission to explain how they propose to balance the drive to maximise National Lottery revenues and deliver high returns at the same time as protecting the vulnerable

Commission still on-track for “agile” down-sizing

Gambling Commission
The regulator hasn’t ruled out compulsory job-losses in its efforts at streamlining its operations, much to the chagrin of the anti-gambling lobby. It seems the Gambling Commission is under attack when it wastes money, and now when it doesn’t.

Paying the price? “Radical overhaul” required for Gambling Commission, say parliamentary accounts committee

Meg Hillier Public Accounts Committee
The NAO’s Public Accounts Committee has described the regulator as “toothless” and issued an “urgent” call for a hardline review of the Gambling Act. Not good news for the Gambling Commission, and highly unlikely to be good news for the industry either.

Industry split on post-Covid prospects

DCMS Coronavirus Impact Business Survey
Figures released as part of the Coronavirus Impact Business Survey, which studied a broad array of industries, included responses from around 50 gambling..

Amusements venues ready for Britain’s grand re-opening

AGCs FECs re-opening
While bowling and casinos will have to wait a while longer before the green light is given, AGCs, piers FECS, and bingo are eager and prepared for Britain’s grand reopening.

Now’s the time to get to the bottom of what was a collective failure before it has the chance to happen all over again

AGCs collective failure licensing regime Peter Hannibal Gambling Business Group
Peter Hannibal, chief executive of the cross-sector strategic body, the Gambling Business Group, proposes a back to basics education programme even down to the use of the ‘A’ word.

Industry left out in the cold with no direct representation on Visitor Economy Working Group

no Amusement or Gambling representation Tourism Working Group
Britain’s amusements, gaming and gambling industries are all dressed up with nowhere to go. The DCMS has launched a working party to determine a roadmap for how tourism is going to drive our economy forward. But bodies such as Bacta and other key industry associations have, oddly, been left out. A simple error or an error of judgement?

A new normal awaits: The industry sets the wheels in motion for getting back to work

Coronavirus reopening webinar Bacta
Bacta is preparing to launch a specially tailored web-seminar to ensure that its membership is fully briefed and has the necessary support to open up with the easing of restrictions.

Government considering October bank holiday for tourism boost

october bank holiday proposals
The government is actively considering proposals, officially lodged by VisitBritain and fashioned out of an idea from the seaside amusements sector, to introduce a new bank holiday in October, in order to recoup part of the estimated £37bn loss faced by the UK tourism industry this year.

Roundtable keeps government engaged with industry thinking

Minister for gambling Nigel Huddleston government’s stakeholder roundtable sessions
The Minister responsible for gambling, Nigel Huddleston MP, and his team at the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport, have been congratulated for ‘the way in which the department has communicated with the industry and for the level of support provided by government during what is a particularly difficult time for business.’

Gambling Act review pushed back by Covid-19

Gambling Act Reform
The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport has stated the government’s proposed review into the Gambling Act could be postponed due to the impact of Coronavirus.

UK gambling sector employment saw 13 percent drop in 2019

Office National Statistics gambling industry employment report
A report by the Office for National Statistics has revealed employment in the UK gambling industry during 2019 was at its lowest in almost ten years, declining 14.7 percent since 2011.

“If you need help, we’re listening,” says DCMS

Nigel Huddleston MP DCMS business support
The DCMS minister responsible for gambling has written to all industry stakeholders asking for “feedback and insight” as to the kind of business support they might require.

All-Party group calls for evidence in Gambling Act review

Westminster APBGG gambling laws Gambling Act review
Lockdown won’t stop members of the All Party Betting & Gaming Group from undertaking what looks to be the groundwork for a government overhaul of the UK’s gambling laws.

Under-fire Commission admits problem gambling is low and stable

Neil McArthur Gambling Commission problem gambling
A rather sheepish Neil McArthur, CEO of the Gambling Commission, and a somewhat more assertive Sarah Healey, Permanent Secretary of the DCMS, took questions from MPs this week in a hearing about the recent National Audit Office report. Their answer: Problem gambling rates are low, stable, and hard to research further due to a lack of detrimental impact on health and society.

End of year rebound forecasted after six month lockdown, but the dangers lie beneath

Economic OBR Report Covid-19 Social Distancing
The Office for Budget Responsibility has warned that UK GDP could fall by 35 percent in the coming months, but surge back up to pre-lockdown levels by the end of the year if a six month lockdown is adhered to.

DCMS Committee launches Covid-19 response inquiry

Gambling APPG Parliament DCMS Committee
With the tourism and cultural sectors particularly devastated by measures enacted to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, the DCMS Committee has launched a call for evidence as part of an inquiry into the government’s response to the crisis

Gambling Business Group puts the case for payments holiday on contracted overheads

DCMS plaque Mims Davies Peter Hannibal appointed
Peter Hannibal, chief executive of the Gambling Business Group, has urged DCMS to lobby for a payments holiday for businesses faced with fixed overheads such as vehicle leases, property rentals and finance arrangements - all at a time when there is no visibility of income.

Bacta sets out battle plan for Covid-19 crisis

John White Bacta Covid-19
In the face of the serious threat the current global pandemic poses to amusements businesses, Bacta has joined with other sectors to call for an abolition or suspension of outgoing payments to government and banks.

Bacta: We have more to gain than lose in new Gambling Act

Brighton Beach Bacta Gambling Act
As he gets ready to meet the DCMS’ latest fresh faces, Bacta CEO John White speaks to Coinslot about the Government’s intention to review the Gambling Act, explaining that while there’s always a risk to the process, the amusements industry has more to gain than lose.

“Albert Square” MP Oliver Dowden promoted to DCMS helm

Oliver Dowden MP DCMS
Baroness Nicky Morgan has stepped aside as head of the DCMS, making room for an MP whose credentials suggest an upcoming focus on televisual rather than..

Huddleston enters DCMS revolving doors as new gambling minister

Nigel Huddleston MP Gambling Minister
Here we go again. A new gambling minister for the industry - number five in less than two years - but hopes are high for a period of stability at the DCMS.

Electrocoin’s five requests for the new Tory administration

Electrocoin John A Stergides
Responding to the question: “If you were asked for three things the government needs to sort out for you now, what would they be?”, Electrocoin’s John Stergides was not short on answers..

Bacta “engaged” with DCLG for arcade rate-relief eligibility

John White Bacta business rates
The amusements and coin-op trade association wants its stake holders to be included with the lion’s share of other retail-facing businesses in benefiting from the government’s decision to slash business rates.

Southend Council pulls planning meeting as Adventure Island calls on DCMS to intervene

Southend Adventure Island owner development
Five years after Southend Borough Council sold Seaway Car Park to Turnstone Estates for £1, the dispute over its controversial £50m development continues..

The real deal? Government issues guidelines to industry for a no deal Brexit

Brexit guidelines
Last week the DCMS issued its guidance paper entitled “Preparing for no deal Brexit if you work in gambling”. So now, primed and readied courtesy of the..

Pointless appointment? Gambling gains yet another new minister

Helen Whately minister appointment
The industry has yet another new minister responsible for gambling, but as the meltdown of British politics continues unabated - who really cares? After all, Helen Whately

Age verification demanded for freeplay slots

Age Verification freeplay slot
Nigel Hall: A venture into the world of online free-to-play slots has seen one longtime landed industry professional rushing to meet new age verification..

No but yeah: Morgan takes up post as culture secretary

Nicky Morgan DCMS
In little over 18 months the DCMS has been led by four different secretaries of state, with Nicky Morgan, MP for Loughborough, the latest minister to come..

Mims Davies leaves DCMS post

davies dcms
Mims Davies has left the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport for the Department of Work and Pensions as the government's ministerial shuffle continues. Mims Davies will leave her position as parliamentary under secretary of state at the DCMS to join the Department of Work and Pensions. Davies was appointed Minister for Sport and Civil Society in November 2018, replacing...