The real deal? Government issues guidelines to industry for a no deal Brexit

Brexit guidelines
Last week the DCMS issued its guidance paper entitled “Preparing for no deal Brexit if you work in gambling”. So now, primed and readied courtesy of the..

Pointless appointment? Gambling gains yet another new minister

Helen Whately minister appointment
The industry has yet another new minister responsible for gambling, but as the meltdown of British politics continues unabated - who really cares? After all, Helen Whately

Age verification demanded for freeplay slots

Age Verification freeplay slot
Nigel Hall: A venture into the world of online free-to-play slots has seen one longtime landed industry professional rushing to meet new age verification..

No but yeah: Morgan takes up post as culture secretary

Nicky Morgan DCMS
In little over 18 months the DCMS has been led by four different secretaries of state, with Nicky Morgan, MP for Loughborough, the latest minister to come..

Mims Davies leaves DCMS post

davies dcms
Mims Davies has left the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport for the Department of Work and Pensions as the government's ministerial shuffle continues. Mims Davies will leave her position as parliamentary under secretary of state at the DCMS to join the Department of Work and Pensions. Davies was appointed Minister for Sport and Civil Society in November 2018, replacing...

Industry set for radical step on the SR ladder: Bacta unveils new under-16s trial

John White Bacta membership under 16 trial social responsibility
The Bacta membership agreed to evaluate a change to its Code of Conduct which would tell customers that players on low stake cash payout fruit machines must

“Not the end of this conversation”

Jeremy Wright Secretary of State for DCMS
In an oral statement to parliament, Secretary of State for the DCMS, Jeremy Wright, his views on the recent commitments made by some of the gambling..

DCMS calls for mandatory levy despite £100m operator pledge

DCMS Jeremy Wright
Despite the “Top Five” UK betting operators pledging to increase their funding commitment to tackle problem gambling, the DCMS has reiterated calls for a..

May announces new sector deal for tourism

Theresa May Tourism deal
A new tourism sector deal will see government commit to streamlining visitor data, whilst simultaneously bolstering entry-level positions within the trade.

Gambling’s big five agree on upscaled voluntary levy

Jeremy Wright gambling firm levy
In a move they hope will mitigate growing calls for a mandatory tax, some of the biggest gambling firms have agreed to substantially grow their annual contributions..

Medics call for compulsory levy

Medics call compulsory tax levy problem gambling
The authors of a new medical report say that a mandatory tax on gambling revenue is required to mitigate problem-gambling costs to the health service..

Davies heralds release of new GamCom strategy

House of Commons Mims Davies
In a lengthy address to stakeholders, DCMS minister Mims Davies said the regulator’s new policies would allow “swift progress” in administering responsible gambling protocol.

Back immersive technology, Bacta tells DCMS

Bacta immersive technology DCMS
In its evidence to the government’s new inquiry on immersive technologies, Bacta has underlined the potential boon VR presents to FEC operators. In response to the government’s ongoing inquiry as to the future direction of growth for immersive technology. Bacta has urged committee members of the department of media, culture and sport to back the development and support of virtual...

DCMS calls for player feedback on gaming growth

DCMS, player feedback, gaming growth, politics
The House of Commons Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport has launched an inquiry into young gamer behaviour as part of an ongoing study on “the addictive nature of some technologies.” The investigation, which asks questions such as “is gaming harmful or helpful to society? How does the design of a game keep you playing for longer?” forms part...

Mims Davies named Minister for Sport and Civil Society

DCMS plaque Mims Davies appointed
Prime Minister Theresa May has moved to replace Tracey Crouch after she dramatically quit as sports minister last week in protest over delays in bringing in reductions to maximum stakes on FOBTs. Mims Davies, 43, is..

Suffolk pub claims to be first to go cashless

Cashless Society
The operator of The Boot in Freston, near Ipswich has claimed to be the first in the country to go completely cashless. Whilst the growth of card and contactless payments has been undeniable in recent years it did appear that the pub sector was loth to go all in on the form. This news coming out of Suffolk however may signal...

Revolving door politics

coinslot FOBT campaign BALPPA
The industry has a new Secretary of State - 26 weeks after welcoming the last one. So, asks Olly Gully, is this what the government meant by ‘strong stable leadership’? You wait ages for a bus and then three come along at the same time. The first was so slow and stuttery it took over half a decade for it to...

Hannibal: DCMS must reconsider debit card prohibition

Peter Hannibal DCMS GBG cashless initiative
“If the Daily Mail article has any substance the news will serve to accelerate the migration of commerce from cash to digital cash and gaming machines will in turn get marginalised to a greater degree than they are currently. The Gambling Business Group is calling on the DCMS to reconsider the ill-judged dismissal of the request for the removal...

“Competition is good”: Operators anticipate LBO entrance to AGC market

Coral:Reel Time
With the maximum stake on FOBTs set to be cut to £2, high-street operators are anticipating the arrival of LBOs on the AGC sector’s shores. But is this potential invasion a threat, or just healthy competition? Operators on Britain’s high streets are anticipating the arrival of LBOs in the AGC market following the DCMS’ decision to reduce the maximum stake...

Cat C and D stuck at status quo as B3 remains under review

cat c games
In line with expectations following a disappointing consultation document last year, the DCMS has decided not to change stakes and prizes on Cat C, D, B3A/B4 and B3, with the latter remaining under review for additional player protection measures. Cat C, D, B3A/B4 and B3 will remain at their current level of stakes and prizes following a disappointing but expected...

Industry must persuade Commission on cashless

Cashless Society
Despite no movement on cashless and contact- less payments in the Triennial Review, the DCMS has encouraged the industry to continue its engagement with the Gambling Commission. “There appears to be continued industry wide support for the introduction of contactless payments, especially given the potential for corresponding player protection measures that could be introduced alongside this form of payment,” the...

Brexit and the tourism industry: DCMS tackle questions of support

Houses of Parliament
Despite a boost to Britain’s tourism statistics after the 2016 referendum, long term challenges remain for the industry. Last week, politicians from across the country asked the DCMS’ Michael Ellis how he would support tourism through Brexit and beyond. MPs from across the political spectrum convened in the house of commons two weeks ago to discuss the potential impact of...

Gambling Business Group urges DCMS to act

Peter Hannibal DCMS GBG cashless initiative
Peter Hannibal, chief executive of the cross sector strategic body, the Gambling Business Group, has called on the government to create a new organisation dedicated to the regulation of time loot boxes and skins...

Kelly: A diverse industry needs dedicated support

Paul Kelly Balppa
The diligent work of the UK leisure market can often go overlooked according to Paul Kelly, BALPPA chief executive. However, with Brexit on the horizon and the market seeing a raft of new entrants, the time is now for the government to stand up and offer the sector its full support.   Whilst the UK leisure industry is undergoing a period...

GBG host UK government department at ICE

GBG Gambling Business Group ICE DCMS
Peter Hannibal, CEO of the influential cross-sector, Gambling Business Group (GBG), has described the introduction of the Consumer Protection Zone at ICE London, as a much needed and powerful initiative.   Speaking in the week following ICE London, he said: "I would like to congratulate Clarion Gaming’s Managing Director Kate Chambers and her team for putting on yet another fantastic edition...

ALMR calls for machine boost for pub sector

ALMR Pub stakes
In its submission to the DCMS consultation, the ALMR has asked the government to increase the automatic entitlement of machines and allow contactless payment, as well as urging an upward review of Cat C stakes and prizes.   The ALMR has called on the government to provide “a much needed revamp” to gaming machines in pubs, both from a social and...

DCMS set to cut FOBT stakes to £2

Coinslot Matt Hancock DCMS
  According to a report in The Sunday Times, the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) is set to announce a £2 maximum stake on FOBTs spearheaded by culture secretary Matthew Hancock.   In the weekend before the final Triennial consultation deadline day, an “ally” of DCMS culture secretary Matt Hancock has stated that FOBT maximum stakes are set to...

Cost of £2 stake to bookmakers lower than claimed

Coinslot - FOBT stakes statistics review cost commission
The cost of a clampdown on fixed-odds betting terminals (FOBTs) is being exaggerated, new independent research suggests.   Analysis from the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR), commissioned by Bacta, the trade association representing the UK amusements sector, shows that the economic impact on bookmakers of lower FOBT stakes could be significantly less than existing estimates have suggested. Its model projects...

New DCMS leader appointed weeks before final FOBT decision

Coinslot Matt Hancock DCMS
Following a cabinet reshuffle on 8 January, Matt Hancock will be the Secretary of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport - the man that decides the fate of the UK’s high-street gaming landscape.   Matt Hancock, the MP for West Suffolk, has been promoted to Secretary of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) following Monday’s government cabinet reshuffle, and will take the...

Government advised to give ‘under appreciated’ tourism industry new department

Coinslot BHA
BHA chairman Nick Varney has called on the new government to take tourism more seriously. British Hospitality Association chairman Nick Varney has advised the new government to move responsibility for the promotion of UK tourism to a new department. Speaking at the BHA Summit in London last week, Varney said that under the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, where it...