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Keeping up with the youth of today

David Robinson General Manager World of Rides
The consumer is always on the lookout for new and exciting products, and nowhere is this more apparent than in the kiddie ride market,comments David

World of Rides: The joy of rides

World of Rides, Rocket
With sales of rides during the first quarter of 2019 impacted by confusion concerning Brexit, and the uncertain weather, World of Rides has since made up..

All signs point to summer success

David Robinson World of Rides
As it celebrates its 50th year as a family-operated amusements specialist, there are few companies that know the value of the British seaside like...

David Robinson: Unstoppable innovation driving seaside success

David Robinson World of Rides
World of Rides has been on the forefront of kiddie ride innovation for close to half a century, Coinslot asked David Robinson about how the company has been a proven winner for coastal operators in the past and how the genre remains just as important going forward. Coinslot: What role do coastal operations play in your business model? David Robinson: “Seaside...

Meeting the kiddie market’s demand: Coinslot talks with David Robinson of World of Rides

David Robinson World of Rides
Coinslot spoke to David Robinson from World Of Rides about the rapid pace at which the kiddie market is changing and how the company is keeping on the forefront of this. Coinslot: How do you analyse the market at present? David Robinson: “The kiddie ride market is performing very well at the moment, and adults continue giving all their hard-earned money...

Innovation in classic kiddie ride concepts

Coinslot - Kiddie Rides World of Rides
David Robinson, general manager, World of Rides, believes that through continual development, kiddie rides have managed to buck trends, and remain a prominent part of the amusement industry.   Why have kiddie rides stayed so enduringly popular? “Static kiddie rides will always be popular with children, as they always want to ride in moving vehicles, without having to pedal or push, and...

Family fun with World Of Rides At EAG

Coinslot, World of Rides, EAG, David Robinson, future outlander
Kids are the decision makers when it comes to family holidays and the World of Rides setup for EAG 2017 is preparing to help operators capitalise on that fact.   With a history stretching back almost 50 years, World of Rides has acquired an enviable reputation for first-class, reliable products with an emphasis on robust engineering. Speaking about the company’s success with...