Thursday, January 27, 2022

Tag: Cut Tourism VAT

Bacta joins UKHospitality

Bacta joins UK Hospitality as an affiliate member
Bacta has placed one of the final pieces into the hospitality jigsaw, officially drawing the amusements and gaming industry into the broader tourist, leisure and entertainment sector

Campaign to cut Vat on tourism books a trip to Parliament

Brighton deckchairs vat tourism hospitality
Caroline Lucas MP wants VAT cut and a year long financial package to resuscitate UK tourism and the hospitality sector. It’s a tax reduction call with a long track record, but in a post-Coronavirus world, the case has never been as strong.

Comment: Let Northern Ireland tourism reach its full potential, says Cut Tourism VAT boss

ireland Dermot King tourism tax
Dermot King, chairman of the Cut Tourism VAT campaign, explains that a VAT tax cut from the ongoing consultation would offer growth spurt to tourism in Northern Ireland.   Tourism is a strategic industry for Northern Ireland,where we are the face of the region to 4.5m visits each year, bringing in £850m in total revenue and accounting for four percent of...

The Emerald Isle demands low tourism VAT

Low tourism VAT demanded from both sides of The Emerald Isle
While the Ireland-UK border debate continues to take main stage, calls emphasising the importance of a low tourism VAT rate have emerged from both Northern and the Republic of Ireland. As Northern Irish businesses await a report into lowering tourism VAT and the rest of the UK continues campaigning, the Republic of Ireland’s tourism minister has said his country’s lower...

Butlin’s boss calls for school holidays VAT cut test

Coinslot - Butlin's VAT school holiday bourne
Dermot King has once again issued calls for a reduction in leisure VAT, suggesting that impeding school holidays would be ripe for experimentation.   The boss of Butlin’s-owner Bourne Leisure has called on the government to test the effect of a cut in VAT on the tourism industry by implementing it during school holidays. Dermot King, who is also chairman of the...