Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Tag: Customer Experience

Actions speak louder than words as MERKUR UK’s 360 Program delivers across multiple fronts

Sascha Blodau Merkur 360 Gauselmann
Since launching six months ago MERKUR UK’s 360 Program has hit the ground running launching a series of key safer gambling initiatives.

Merkur announces launch of Customer Experience Groups as part of 360 safer gambling commitment

Lola Wood Merkur UK Customer Experience 360 initiative
The ‘Know Your Customer’ philosophy is at the heart of Merkur UK’s latest 360 initiative which has been designed to deliver a safer playing experience for all of its customers.

Merkur UK appoints first customer experience manager

Merkur UK appoints Lola Wood
Providing a consistent and outstanding customer experience should be at the heart of everything a consumer-facing business does and Merkur UK has appointed the first executive dedicated to delivering it.

SB Machines: Delivering the ultimate customer experience

Paolo Sidoli SB Machines ultimate customer experience
Ahead of both ACOS 2019 and the rapidly approaching new year, Paolo Sidoli comments on the drive for customer engagements, the changing cash landscape..