Monday, May 16, 2022

Tag: Customer Experience Groups

Merkur is the mark of Excellence claiming three Landmark Awards at ICE

Merkur UK Landmark Awards
Organisations and individuals that have made a difference to the industry was the theme of the ICE 2022 Landmark Awards and Merkur UK scooped three of those that were presented in London last week.

Merkur UK host three MPs in the course of a month

Tony Boulton Merkur UK
Merkur UK has been flying the industry flag with a series of visits with parlimentary figures at its venues in London, Birmingham and Lincoln.

Merkur UK drive industry standards with publication of first Sustainability Report

Merkur UK Sustainability Report
Merkur UK’s Sustainability Report, published this week, has detailed the work that the brand is undertaking in the communities that it serves and demonstrates how successful commercial organisations can also be good corporate citizens.

MERKUR Customer Experience Groups shine a light on player perspectives on safer gambling

Lola Wood MERKUR UK safer gambling consumer research
MERKUR UK has enlisted the services of consumer research specialists to find out more about the motivations of players, their attitudes towards safer gambling and the importance of ‘knowing your customers’. The results of the initiative are already being fed back into the operation.