Monday, September 28, 2020

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Polymer £20 security features make their mark

new polymer £20 note
To coincide with the launch of the new polymer £20 note, much attention has been drawn to the security features in order to help cash handling operators..

“Stronger, safer, cleaner” polymer £10 to enter circulation

10 pound note polymer
More than one billion polymer £10 notes will enter general circulation this month, whilst the old note, featuring Charles Darwin, will expire in spring 2018.   The new tender, which depicts novelist Jane Austen, comes into circulation a year after the launch of the first plastic £5 note. Bank of England governor Mark Carney said: “The new £10 will be printed on...

New £1 coin hailed as the “most secure coin in the world”

Coinslot - £1 coin royal mint
More 12-sided £1 coins are now in circulation than round ones, and operators are starting to see the benefits of this new and, according to government officials, ‘unforged’ coin. So has it been worth the massive investment?   The exchequer secretary to the treasury has announced that the new £1 coin is yet to be forged, providing welcome news to arcade...

Out with the old, in with the new for Ray Stewart

Coinslot - Ray Stewart CC Leisure
Ray Stewart, owner of CC Leisure, explains why he has already taken the step to only accept new £1 coins in his string of AGCs in London and the South West.   As the old £1 coin moves closer to the furnace, once again many operators have the daunting task of adapting their machines, this time to only take the new...

New pound rejected by mechs, claims Ian Eason

Coinslot - Ian Eason Crane mechs
Crane manufacturer and industry veteran, Ian Eason, has sounded a warning that a worrying percentage of the new pound coins are being rejected by updated coin mechanisms.   Ian Eason, the managing director of crane machine manufacturer, Instance Automatics, has spoken out publicly on what he says could be a disastrous launch of the new £1 for the coin-op industry. In an...

New quid on the block set to hit UK streets

Coinslot - New pound coin UK
The UK will finally see the introduction of the new 12-sided pound coin next week, and although the transition for operators is proving costly, improved security can only be a good thing going forward.   The new 12-sided - or to those that way inclined, dodecagonic - pound coin is coming into circulation on 28 March, with operators bracing for the...

E-Service set up ‘one stop shop’ for currency changes

Coinslot E-Service Mike Clokie
Spares and after-sales provider E-Service exhibited at EAG with the primary goal of engaging with operators who may need support through the upcoming currency changes. Managing director of E-Service Mike Clokie explained the ways in which his company can help during a time of great upheaval in the cash handling arena: “For operators who don’t want to do the upgrade...

Cummins Allison showcase first scanner with ticket, cash and check capability

Coinslot Paul Clay Cummins Allison
Cash handling manufacturer Cummins Allison exhibited their latest JetScan IFX scanner at the ExCeL centre, following two years of preparing customers for the new £1 coin. While the upcoming currency changes remain the hot topic of the cash handling industry, TITIO is not far behind, and the JetScan IFX is the first range of scanners to effectively handle tickets, cash...

E-Service prepares operators for new currency challenge

Coinslot E-Service Mike Clokie
Following the introduction of the £5 polymer note last September, E-Service has been preparing to help operators get ready for the new £1 coin and £10 polymer note. E-Service is ready to help operators with the upcoming currency changes as the new £1 coin comes into circulation in March and the new £10 polymer note is released later in the...

New coin costs spiral for larger operators

Coinslot TIR PRINCE New Coins Costs
As the wave of new currency continues, two of the UK’s bigger operators shed light on the true costs of reprogramming for the £1 coin. Some of the UK’s largest operators are counting the costs of the new £1 coin, with figures spiralling into the tens of thousands. With the new 12-sided coin set to be introduced 28 March, operators are...

Operators prepare to take a hit as new £1 coin introduced

Coinslot £1 coin Amusement Ray Lane Tower Amusements Skegness
Amusement arcade owners are getting set to take a hit as they prepare their machines for the arrival of the new £1 coin. Last week, The Treasury announced that the new coin will enter circulation on 28 March and its predecessor will be withdrawn by mid-October. At Skegness’s Tower Amusements, manager Ray Lane said it had cost the business around £30...

Astrosystems – All systems upgraded for 2017

Coinslot Astrosystems
After working closely with the Royal Mint, Astrosystems is well prepared to support their customers through the currency changes that 2017 will bring. And heading the roll-call will be the Microcoin SP, the industry leader, which already has the new UK coin refiguration. Astrosystems will once again be exhibiting at EAG at Excel, London 2017, an exhibition that provides an unmissable...

All systems set for 2017 currency changes

Coinslot Cummins Allison JetSort LX
Cash-handling experts Cummins-Allison are fully prepared to handle the money changes in 2017 and will be showing exactly how it at this year’s EAG, with a little help from the JetSort LX. Cummins Allison is at the cutting-edge of cash-handling technology, providing efficient, accurate and reliable note and coin sorting machines to the leisure and gaming industry. With the new...

The new £1 in 2017

Coinslot, Royal Mint, new pound coin, currency,
The Royal Mint has launched a new website for the New Pound Coin, featuring a list of important dates regarding the circulation of the new currency. Once the coin is released to the general public in March 2017, there will be a short period of co-circulation where businesses are allowed accept both the old and the new £1 coins in...

E-Service clients report ‘Mission Accomplished’ on new £5 upgrades

Coinslot E-Service Eurocoin
With the new £5 polymer bank note entering circulation just under a month ago, UK operators explain how E-Service supported them through the currency change. The new £5 polymer bank note entered circulation on 13 September, and operators across the country have been giving their feedback on adapting their machines to the new currency. Before the notes’ release date, preparation for the...