Monday, December 6, 2021

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Adventure Island reopens refreshed amusement attraction

Crooked House, Adventure Island, Southend
Southend’s Adventure Island has reopened its The Crooked House attraction after it underwent refurbishment to preserve it for future generations. The vintage amusement attraction is one of the UK’s oldest, having kept seaside holidaymakers entertained for 67 years. Paul Clapp, creative director at Adventure Island, said the amusement park’s management was continually upgrading and refreshing attractions across the site. He said: “As part...

Adventure Island invests to preserve its amusements heritage

Crooked House, Adventure Island, Southend
Bosses at the popular amusement park Adventure Island want to ensure that one of its oldest attractions continues to delight visitors for many years to come. Southend Adventure Island is set to invest thousands of pounds to revamp one of its oldest attractions. The seaside amusement park will spend £150,000 on a major refurbishment of the Crooked House, which was...