Thursday, August 18, 2022

Tag: Cowells Arrow

Majestic hit the high notes with Clubingo® formula attracting capacity crowds to Mansfield

Clubingo Majestic Mark Jepp
Bingo has shown itself to be a resilient sector of the business and there’s one brand in particular that’s setting its own narrative with a combination of dedication, hard work and huge amounts of creative nous. Mark Jepp explains the latest innovations at Majestic Bingo.

Cowells Arrow launches new bingo product Clubmate

Cowells Arrow launches Clubmate product
Cowells Arrow has announced the launch of a new club-focused bingo product, aimed at increasing both engagement and revenue in the club market.

Cowells Arrow targets UK market with AMS acquisition

Cowells Arrow acquisition AMS Automatic Machine Services
After 62 years of ownership by the Jarrett family, Automated Machine Services has been sold to Arrow International subsidiary Cowells Arrow, which has taken aim at the UK gaming machine market with the intention of adding its existing US products to AMS’ current offering to customers.