Tuesday, January 25, 2022

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Debbie Bollard: “I really don’t think the Government wants to make the application process any easier, in fact all the signs are it wants to make it even harder...

Debbie Bollard Hough and Bollard licensing application process
The licensing process is a stressful one at the best of times, but in the current environment of intense public debate aimed at influencing the gambling review, it has become all the more exacting. Debbie Bollard of Hough & Bollard navigates Coinslot through the choppy waters of licensing in the post- Covid era and raises the alarm on the obscure and barely noticed clause s153 of the Gambling Act where the devil really is in the detail. Your entitlement to a business on the high street may well be at risk if some councils get their way.

Bacta keen to persuade councils to join industry in cutting licensing bureaucracy

Bacta keen to persuade councils regarding licensing bureaucracy
It’s the time of the season when a number of local councils will be courting public opinion on their statement of principles on gambling policy.

High street strategy: Councils encouraged to turn empty shops into entertainment venues

high streets regeneration
The government has launched a long-term plan for high streets that will allow councils to turn empty shops into entertainment venues, as well as a new ‘Hospitality Strategy’ to support the sector in its recovery from the coronavirus pandemic.

Councils prepare for high street changes

High Street
The Local Government Authority has published “a whole council approach” to “tackling gambling related harm”, including a warning that councils must monitor changes to their local gambling landscape following the implementation of the FOBT stake cut. In fact, the document regularly mentions the impact of bookmakers on the high street, detailing the ways in which councils can control shop numbers...

Business knows best

Hastings Pier going private, and the i360 offered adoption by Brighton Pier, Olly Gully argues that councils should finally learn the lesson of their limitations. The more you learn about local authorities, the more you learn about the unfortunate reality that so many councils are blessed with busy bodies who don’t know much at all about business. They make predictions,...