Tuesday, January 25, 2022

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Councils continue to play prohibitionist politics instead of following policy

Councils play prohibitionist politics amusements centre AGC licences
More and more local councils are taking the moral high ground when it comes to gambling and amusement centre licences. The only problem is, it’s too often their own personal morals. The law sets out exactly what the parameters are, so why do some councillors still object rather than learn about the gaming centre offerings?

Watched from above: Portsmouth Council hires drone to spy on seafrontgoers

Portsmouth drone surveillance
Things were getting decidedly Orwellian at the seaside in Portsmouth this weekend, as the local council deployed an aerial drone in order to gather surveillance of people daring to take a walk along the seafront.

Council development drops glass over Lyme Regis arcade

Lyme Regis redevelopment questions
The quality of a £650,000 council redevelopment project in Lyme Regis has been called into question after a smashed panel dropped broken glass onto a family visiting the amusement arcade below.

Scarborough Wheel applies to council for longer stay

Scarborough ferris Wheel council
The owner of Scarborough’s temporary ferris wheel has submitted a planning application to Scarborough Council, seeking to extend the..

Council pressure could see Forrest Funfair relocation

Council, pressure, Forrest Funfair, relocation
Canterbury City Council has suggested Forrest Amusements funfair relocate from Herne Bay Memorial Park to the town’s seafront, following concerns the site is an “unsuitable location.” The comments came after the firm, which has operated regular funfairs in the town for over 30 years, submitted proposals for two events on the park in May and August this year. “We have had...

Conwy Council push for pier reconstruction

Seaside resorts, reinvention, investment, tourism
Conwy Council has opened the tender process for construction of Colwyn Bay’s new landmark pier. The structure will replace the Victoria Pier, dismantled in 2018 after parts of the framework began to fall into the sea. We’re intending to go out to tender for the construction work by the end of March, with the aim of work starting on site later...

Blackpool development clears first hurdles

Blackpool development, Central Station, council
The £300m Blackpool Central Station redevelopment has cleared its first regulatory hurdle after local councillors gave the green light to a number of recommendations relating to the build. It has been reported that the town council executive has formally approved five separate recommendations from developers Nikal and Media Invest Entertainment and in essence got the regulatory ball rolling for the...

Rhyl town council overruled on plush toy objections

amusements, rhyl, council, local council, soft toy
They may be cuddly, but the upcoming arrival of an army of plush toys seems to be ruffling feathers in Rhyl - where an application to store thousands of arcade redemption prizes has been met with ire by the town council. The mysterious FEC applicant - listed only as a “Mr Sparks” - has requested permission to install a series...

A realisation of stark ignorance

Hounslow Council, feltham, showpeople, council
Chris Webster argues that reprieve for the showpeople in Feltham came about as their council realised it had completely misjudged them. Hounslow Council’s decision to rethink the zoning of their latest housing development is a victory for showmen nationwide - not just in Feltham. It took a year for the reversal to come about - for legislators to make the...

Victory: Feltham showmen won’t be re-housed, says council

Feltham showmen,politics, showmen
It’s a happy conclusion for Feltham showmen fighting construction of new housing development by Hounslow Council - after legislators announced their homes were safe...for now. For over a year the showmen community in Feltham has been waging an uphill battle. The west London suburb has been home to showpeople since 1905 - after a group of families put down roots in...

Felixstowe rat gas plan shelved

Felixstowe Pier
In what should be of little surprise to anyone, a plan to use lethal gasses to curb a rat problem in Felixstowe has been halted due to safety concerns. According to Suffolk Coastal District Council the region’s growing popularity and “booming tourist economy” has not only led to an influx of revellers but increasing numbers of rats. Conventional methods such as...

Wetherspoons denied machine licence in Birmingham

Regional regulatory authorities have shot-down plans for a fifth AWP at the Arthur Robertson in Birmingham. Pub and play-time do not go together under this regime. Local legislators in Birmingham are adamant that the addition of an extra Cat C gaming machine at a local Wetherspoons pub will cause havoc amongst pub-goers. Management at the Arthur Robertson pub - embedded within...

“Armpit of the East”: Miller slams Southend council on parking and tourism

Coinslot Southend pavilion
Philip Miller took to Twitter and TV to claim that the council was not working in the best interests of businesses such as his own. The owner of Southend’s Adventure Island has once again turned his fire on the resort’s council over alleged failures in its parking and tourism policies. Philip Miller, chief executive of Stockvale, which owns the seafront amusement...

Confusion delays opening of Barry Island Pleasure Park rollercoaster

Barry Island
It is just the latest in a series of obstacles the Welsh amusement park has faced since it came under new ownership. Barry Island Pleasure Park has once again met with local authority bureaucracy. he owner of Barry Island Pleasure Park has defended its new rollercoaster after the attraction’s launch date was delayed by safety inspectors. The seaside amusement park had...

Southend Pier aiming for one million visitors

Southend Pier
Southend Borough Council is hoping to record one million visitors to the resort’s pier in 2018 after it achieved record numbers for the past three months. James Courtenay, deputy leader, announced the target after revealing that figures for May, June and July had broken previous records. Last month, Southend Pier saw an increase of almost 20 per cent over the same...

Gulzar affirms community commitment with wedding day save

Sheikh Abid Gulzar has once more affirmed his dedication to making Hastings Pier a south coast success story by helping facilitate a last-minute wedding event that had been left limbo since the change of owners. They say that action speaks louder than words and Sheikh Abid Gulzar is proving that in spades in Hastings. Bewilderingly criticised in some quarters, the...

AGCs facing uphill battle to stake new ground

The sizzling temperatures may well be placing common-sense at risk, as two attempts to get AGCs off-the-ground encounter vocal dissent from local authorities and business spokesmen. The leisure industry’s fight for the hearts and minds of the British local politician is seemingly far from over this summer, with proposals for new gaming arcades in Colchester and Gloucestershire both generating hysteria...

Council knock back Blackpool regeneration plan

Plans to turn a failing pub site into a £6.8m bingo hall have been struck down in Blackpool after the council voiced concerns about the negative impact it would have on traffic. Bingo, Club 3000 style, just isn’t worth travelling for according to Blackpool council. Blackpool Council’s planning committee has unanimously voted to oppose a £6.8m bingo project over menial...

Pleasure Beach to help mothers quit smoking

Blackpool Pleasure Beach
Blackpool’s iconic Pleasure Beach has joined forces with a town-wide initiative to curb smoking amongst pregnant women. Those who have dropped the habit during pregnancy will be given vouchers for the iconic theme park, high street retailers and Madame Tussauds in a project backed by local councillors. Recent data from the NHS has revealed that the town has the highest rate...

Blackpool’s £6.8m bingo project recommended for approval

Club 3000
A multi-million pound bingo hall project that as recently as last month appeared dead in the water has been given fresh hope of approval in Blackpool. Plans to turn an underperforming pub into a £6.8m Club 3000 bingo venue in Blackpool have been recommended for approval by town councillors, having previously been dismissed over perceived build issues. The project was initially...

Brighton i360 secures debt deferral to December from council

Brighton i360
There’s an ultimate irony in the plight of Brighton’s i360 seafront attraction: it has a 360 degree view of the south of England and into France, and yet it never saw a £36 million debt coming from all angles. The beleaguered venture now has six months to find a clear view ahead - and £922,296 in debt repayments to...

New plans submitted to demolish Southend Pier amusement arcade

Southend Pier
Despite a year-long stay of execution, it now looks increasingly likely that Britain’s longest pleasure pier will soon be without any amusements. The days of Southend Pier’s amusement arcade look set to be numbered after the resort’s council submitted new plans to demolish it. The arcade has been living on borrowed time for over a year, after planning permission was granted...

Kravis advises holistic approach to Minehead improvements

Design ideas for enhancing Minehead’s esplanade went on view to the public for consultation earlier this month, and Marcus Kravis, operator of The Arkade on said esplanade, is advising authorities to move forward with a holistic approach. Moreso, however, he is interested in what residents and weekend regulars of Minehead think of the plan, which has been drawn up by...

Club 3000’s plan deemed too far away from town centre by contradictory committee

Club 3000
Blackpool Council’s planning committee has recommended the refusal of Club 3000’s plan to turn a retail park pub into a bingo hall due to the site in question being 300m too far away from the town centre boundaries. While acknowledging the application represents “significant inward investment into the town”, the planning committee recommendation stated the proposals fail to satisfy the...

Contagion: Westminster council spreads the toxic virus in FOBT fall-out

Westminster Council
With FOBTs defeated on the battlefield, time now then for the unlikely allies to turn on one another? It seems the first to unlink themselves from the brothers in arms are Westminster Council who have turned their hostile attentions towards AGCs. The battle is over; but the war is only just beginning. "These adult arcades can have a higher number...

Council welcome The Arkade’s toilet takeover

The Arkade
Tourists need toilets, and Marcus Kravis, owner of The Arkade, is the man to rescue them on Minehead’s seafront this season, with the council welcoming his proposal to reopen and operate the public conveniences. West Somerset Council has welcomed an offer from Marcus Kravis, owner of The Arkade, to reopen and operate public toilets on Minehead’s seafront this season. The council...

Fun fair owners hit out at council over venue change

Weymouth Pier
The owners of a family fun fair in Weymouth have hit out at local council chiefs after being denied the right to operate at its historic Easter location. It is claimed by organisers of the Weymouth Easter Fun Fair, which has been running for 15 years at the same site, that the institution was being forced out of its historic...

Adventure Island boss steps up pressure on Southend council

adventure island southend
Adventure Island owner Philip Miller has ramped up his criticism of Southend Borough Council over rises to car parking charges and business rates.   Earlier this month he took to Twitter to articulate his fears that the increases could see more recognisable retail brands leave the resort and hit visitor numbers. Now he has spoken to an Essex regional newspaper to put...

Swindon councillors object to bingo in sea of bookmakers

swindon betting shops bingo
The gaming and gambling waters are being muddied in the wake of the FOBT debate. An application for a bingo hall in Swindon has suffered a setback with objections lodged based on too many gambling establishments on the high street. Is this the way of things to come, or just another case of ignorance in the local authority corridors?   Plans...

Council has no answers for Whitby delays

coinslot whitby
The continued drive by the Fight 4 Whitby group to protect the heritage of the piers, quays and wider harbour area has often been met with silence from those in the council, despite a high priority report into the state of the structures.   As a result of this, the local group, made up of residents and business owners in the...