Monday, December 6, 2021

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No new copper coins minted in 2018 re-opens debate into currency’s future

copper coins
Last year marked the first time in years that the Treasury opted not to mint new copper coins, despite assurances to business that their long-term future..

Current copper coins worth less, but not worthless

Copper Coins
A reality check says that the one pence coin is worth less than any coin in history. The reality, however, is it’s value extends way beyond any monetary..

Bacta heralds “sigh of relief” for arcades at 2p Treasury ruling

John White Bacta Treasury Ruling
Bacta chief executive John White said the decision to keep copper coins would aid arcades in their role as the “engine rooms” of the coast

1p and 2p coins safe “for years to come” says Hammond

Verdict Pyx ceremony coins royal mint
The Treasury has ruled not to abolish low denomination coins, alongside a promise to form a new body overseeing continued cash-access throughout the land.

Hammond to grant copper pieces a reprieve?

Hammond copper pieces reprieve
The conclusion of a Treasury consultation process is this week expected to rule out the prospect of withdrawing copper coins from the British...

Copper coins are going nowhere, says treasury

copper coins
Copper coins are about more than just money according to executive secretary to the Treasury, Robert Jenrick as he pledged to preserve Britain’s historic pennies amidst misplaced calls for them to be scrapped. They say that if you look after the pennies the pounds look after themselves and this has been echoed by Britain’s treasury. The classic symbols of British...