Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Tag: Conwy Council

Adam Williams purchases site of controversial £20m property development

Llandudno Pier Adam Williams purchase development site
Not even Zoltar, the fortune telling machine on Llandudno Pier could have foretold this outcome. But after years of uncertainty for the attraction posed by a 10-storey apartment block development on its doorstep, the pier’s owners have bought the development site themselves. £ 2.8 million paid and a future secured for both the pier and Llandudno’s standing as the seaside resort of North Wales. Now, says Adam Williams, “the hard work starts”.

“A bizarre turn of events”: Controversial Llandudno development plot up for sale offering hope for pier?

Controversial Llandudno development hope for Pier
Is there a reprieve in the making for Llandudno Pier as it battles to overturn an apartment development opposite its front entrance? If so, it’s coming from unexpected places; the current owner of the proposed 54 apartment block. Is that the sound of a towel being thrown in or an early cash out on the development?

Llandudno development plans under investigation

Llandudno development plans under investigation
The £20m development proposed for the foot of Llandudno Pier has been postponed, as the Welsh government responds to requests to call-in plans for the ten-storey building.

Decision on Llandudno Pier Pavilion plans likely to be postponed

Coinslot - Llandudno postponed
A decision on a £15m accommodation complex at the Llandudno Pier Pavilion site is likely to be deferred until after the local elections in May.   Planning officers at Conwy council are set to decide on whether to recommend the plans, but many believe the earliest a decision will be reached is now June. The plans have been splitting opinions in the...