Saturday, June 25, 2022

Tag: Conversion Kits

Playsafe launch Payter as industry embraces contactless payments

Iain Lunt Playsafe launch Payter contactless payments
Iain Lunt, sales and commercial manager at Playsafe, spoke to Coinslot about how the company has reacted to market changes over the last 18 months as Britain’s cashless society accelerated and operators began to truly embrace contactless cashless solutions

V5: Another tool in the operator’s box

Richard Roberts Independent Leisure V5 jukebox conversion kit Soundnet Sound Leisure
Soundnet and Sound Leisure can teach its old jukeboxes to do new tricks, with Richard Roberts from Independent Leisure in Norfolk using the V5 jukebox conversion kit to upgrade his equipment, and in turn provide a “significant uplift in cashbox”.

Gurus reveal spares and components wisdom

Coinslot Maggi Electronics Stephanie Smith
Maggi Electronic’s marketing co-ordinator, Stephanie Smith, delves into the services offered by her company and the ethos behind its commitment to spares and components.   Coinslot: How does Maggi ensure that it has a good supply of spares and components available on demand? Stephanie Smith: Our workshop manager David Kay, methodically maintains and manages a minimum working stock level to ensure our...