Sunday, January 23, 2022

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OKTO sign cashless payments partnership with Bob Rudd to further grow market share

OKTO Bob Rudd Cashless Payments
OKTO is swiftly establishing itself as UK gaming’s cashless payments provider. Its march continues with a new partnership signed with Bob Rudd.

Contactless limit to increase to £100 from 15 October but gaming is left on the fringes

Contactless payment limit increases but not for gaming
Amid a fanfare of publicity, the financial sector and the high street are preparing for the October 15 introduction of £100 contactless payments limits but guess which sector’s been conveniently ignored? Peter Hannibal of the Gambling Business Group asks why.

Brexit has paved the way for an increase in contactless spend to £100

contactless payment increase
The UK’s withdrawal from the European Union, could accelerate both the value and the volume of contactless transactions, confirming that cash is on the way out and underlining further the importance to both the industry and machine players of securing the ability to provide alternative and modern payment methods.

Solace of Quantum: Playsafe launches new TITO system

Iain Lunt Playsafe Quantum TITO
Coinslot spoke to Playsafe sales and commercial manager Iain Lunt about the benefits of the company’s Quantum TITO solution.

Playsafe note rising demand for contactless payment solutions

Iain Lunt Playsafe Systems contactless payments
As concerns grow that cash could be spreading the coronavirus, Playsafe Systems has noted that the majority of its current orders are of Thomas PayStations and Payter contactless retrofit solutions, both of which reduce customer contact with coins and note.

Ocean Beach Pleasure Park ready for July 4th re-opening

Michael Sheeran Ocean Beach Pleasure Park
Ocean Beach Pleasure Park has detailed the range of measures being put in place to ensure staff and guests safety, as the South Shields park prepares for a potential 4 July reopening.

Hospitality welcomes ‘one metre plus’ rule as casinos left waiting

Hospitality sector metre plus social distancing
Hospitality chiefs are happy with the government’s guidance as they prepare to re-open restaurants, bars and pubs next month, but BGC CEO Michael Dugher believes the decision to keep casinos closed is “inconsistent and frankly nonsensical”.

E-Service: Embracing the new normal with “value add” solutions

Mike Clokie E-Service industry reopening
Continuing to operate and innovate throughout the lockdown, E-Service has been preparing for the industry’s reopening with new products and a revised work schedule, with managing director Mike Clokie emphasising that the industry must embrace the ‘new normal’

Bacta confirms a JV and development budget to bring a cashless app to market before year end

Bacta cashless app
Bacta has announced a Joint Venture as its National Council endorses a development budget to bring a cashless app to market before the year end.

Card declined: Gov doesn’t want to touch contactless

Coinslot - Card cash
The findings presented in the DCMS’ Consultation on proposals for changes to Gaming Machines and Social Responsibility Measures came as a blow to the campaign for contactless payments on gaming machines.   The report acknowledged that “respondents from across all sectors, with the exception of bookmakers, submitted proposals for the introduction of contactless payments” reflecting wider spending trends and the increase...

Cash solution diversity can be key growth driver

Coinslot - Cummins Cash solutions
There are great gains to be found in a diversity of cash intake solutions for all aspects of the market, according to Paul Clay, sales manager at Cummins Allison, and now is the perfect time to get on board with this burgeoning trend.   What innovations are driving growth in the cash handling sector? “One of the key drivers at the moment...