Monday, August 15, 2022

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Bacta lobbies politicos hard during party conference season

Bacta lobbying party conferences
Attending both Labour and Conservative party conferences, Bacta has been lobbying its socks off to put across the amusement industry’s point of view ahead of the government’s gambling review this year.

Bacta completes party programme with the Tories in Manchester

Manchester Central Conservative Party Conference Bacta
Bacta completed its round of party political conferences last week in the company of the Boris Johnson led Conservative Party which succeeded in taking..

Bacta take on the bookies at Conservative Party conference

Coinslot - Gabi Stergides Bacta conservative knowledge
  Bacta is reflecting on a frenetic fortnight of political lobbying and networking at the Labour Party and Conservative Party conferences held in Brighton and Manchester, respectively. It proved a key two week period in transforming opinions.   The bacta senior team comprising president Gabi Stergides (pictured), vice-president James Miller, former president Jason Frost and chief executive John White, took the opportunity...