Saturday, January 22, 2022

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One Big Ticket creates one big draw for Concept

Concept, redemption
Saving operators both time and money, Concept Games’ One Big Ticket system has proved itself a popular feature since its launch at EAG 2018. After a year’s exposure to the market, the retrofitted ticket bank that reduces multiple printouts to one comprehensive ticket, drew yet another considerable crowd at this year’s exhibition. “One Big Ticket is the biggest thing,” said managing...

Concept make One Big Ticket its one big focus at ACOS

Concept Games ACOS
Concept returned to this year’s ACOS with its One Big Ticket system forming the company’s “main push” for the amusement market. The retrofit system, which combines hundreds of redemption tokens into one thermal printed, barcoded ticket, has Jonathan Powell, seen several installations since its launch at EAG earlier in January. “A large number of sites now use the system,” said technical...

Concept’s one big reason to go ticketless

Coinslot - Concept's One Big Ticket System
While the idea of moving away from tickets in a redemption centre might have seemed like a pipe dream, a full year of testing on Concept's One Big Ticket system now means that this cost-saving move is an economic reality.   After 12 months testing, Concept’s One Big Ticket (OBT) is now starting to show its benefits, and its savings. The...