Sunday, September 27, 2020

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David Garforth: Just the ticket

One Big Ticket Concept Games
The operational benefits of the One Big Ticket solution from Concept Games were on display once more at ACOS, with uptake of the product increasing..

One Big Ticket gathers pace

One big ticket, Concept Games, redemption tickets, single ticket solution
The single thermally-printed One Big Ticket system from Leeds-based Concept Games is starting to show its true colours on site comments the company’s David Garforth. “We always knew that the system makes all the sense in the world as it will save thousands of pounds over the life of each machine that it is fitted too,” said Garforth. “But the...

One big ticket gathers pace

Concept Games One big ticket
With the operational benefits clear, and site reports proving positive, the One Big Ticket system from Concept Games is having an impact on the redemption market at an ever increasing pace. Concept Games’ One Big Ticket system is designed to replace the conventional redemption output solution by fitting a thermal printer, and display, in the door of a machine and...

Concept goes environmental at the seaside with 1 Big Ticket

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Leeds based Concept Games has been designing 1 Big Ticket for seaside operators this summer, cutting out laborious ticket counting whilst also tackling a major environmental issue. Concept’s David Garforth explains: “I have always wanted to see if the next generation of prizes for playing could not be dealt with in a more environmentally friendly manner whilst retaining the commercial appeal....