Saturday, November 27, 2021

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New £50m leisure development proposed for Colchester

Turnstone Estates Northern Gateway development Colchester development
Turnstones Estates has released new designs for the £50m leisure and cinema complex set to be constructed as part of Colchester’s Northern Gateway development.

New owners eye Rollerworld expansion with arcade to play a key role

Rollerworld, expansion, arcade, colchester
Rollerworld in Colchester is in line for a revamp, including an arcade expansion, following its purchase by the UK’s largest family-run extreme sports company. Owners of the property have reportedly held firm against a number of buyout attempts but have now been persuaded by the new suitor’s ambitious development roadmap. The family-owned Demon Xtreme company will take control of the site...

New Colchester AGC: Expanding seasonal staff opportunities

Sailor Boy Amusements, Colchester
A new adult arcade in Colchester will provide summer personnel at Sailor Boy Amusements with year-round employment, says Masterson Leisure. Expansion into the bespoke AGC market in Colchester will provide some seasonal staff at nearby amusements destination with year-round employment, according to one of its directors. Scott and Nicola Masterson both help in heading up the family business Masterson Leisure, which...

AGCs facing uphill battle to stake new ground

The sizzling temperatures may well be placing common-sense at risk, as two attempts to get AGCs off-the-ground encounter vocal dissent from local authorities and business spokesmen. The leisure industry’s fight for the hearts and minds of the British local politician is seemingly far from over this summer, with proposals for new gaming arcades in Colchester and Gloucestershire both generating hysteria...