Monday, December 10, 2018
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Pushers’ future safe as Treasury confirms 2p coin will stay

Two pence safe
Britain’s 2 pence coin is safe. The Treasury has ensured the coin’s role in everyday currency and in so doing handed a lifeline to the quintessential symbol of seaside traditions - the pusher machine. The long-term future of the pusher has been saved after the government confirmed it is abandoning plans to get rid of the 2p coin. Last weekend the...

Look after the pennies

copper coins
The 2p coin may be a small denomination, but the role it plays in UK society is a big one, argues Sam Spencer. When the Bank of England put its first coin in the jar in 1694, it began Great Britain’s journey to become one of the largest, richest, and most powerful empires in the world. Almost 400 years later,...

Fake coins in the making and in the market

Coinslot, Gambling Commission, DCMS consultation, GC, coins
It hasn’t taken long for the forgers to crack the unbreakable code behind the new £1 coins, according to the Daily Star Sunday.   The paper’s investigation has revealed that “there’s loads in circulation”, as“one gangster” put it, “and the market for them is ready to pop next year”. Examining the fake coins, the investigators were shown the marginal adjustments -...

Cards overtakes cash, but the king is not dead yet

Coinslot - Card cash
The ATM turns 50, Visa declare war on cash, and the British Retail Consortium reveal that more than half of all payments in the UK were made on a card in 2016. The landscape of payments is changing and there is no doubt that the industry’s regulation must keep up - but is a completely cashless society beneficial or...