Sunday, November 28, 2021

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Let’s push things forward

Heroes and Villains
The adoption of ticket payouts, impressive prizes and collectible options have proved to be a boon for the UK pusher market, comments John Crompton, UK sales manager BNAE who is keen to highlight a market sector that is constantly on the front foot. An undoubted classic, pusher units have remained at the forefront of the UK FEC market with a...

Pushing the market forward

Sweet Success Coin pusher
Pushers have long been a crucial part of the FEC landscape and diligent work from manufacturers in recent times is only increasing their popularity, comments Tony Bowman, sales director at UK Gaming Solutions. Coinslot: How have pushers remained so important to the market? Tony Bowman: “I believe their popularity has increased over the last ten years,mainly due to manufacturers improving the...

How Bulldog Games is pushing forward in pursuit of family fun

Tony Glanville
RLMS’s Tony Glanville talks pushers with Coinslot; the role of a quality licence, quality game and quality service. It's this combination that the new brand on the block has turned into its defining philosophy. Coinslot: How can pushers benefit an operator as part of a varied machine estate? Tony Glanville: The first pusher came to the market more than half a...

The quintessential cross-generational entertainment

Pushers hold a special place in the hearts of many, with families passing down memories of 2p triumphs from generation to generation in family-run FECs such as Shaws Premier Amusements. Perhaps the fan-favourite machine-type in FECs across the country, pushers are performing very well this season for operator Tyler Shaw at Shaws Premier Amusements - or the ‘Pusher Palace’, as...

Harry Levy’s Princes and Princesses aims for pusher royalty

Princes & Princesses
Already making waves across the UK FEC market, the Prince and Princesses four player pusher from Harry Levy is a strong addition to any amusements location. Featuring exciting livery and engaging gameplay all housed in a low-footprint unit, the Prince and Princesses pusher is the perfect match for the operator looking to maximise profits per square inch. With two playing positions...