Saturday, November 27, 2021

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The Bulldog Games range licensed to entertain

Tony Glanville
Monopoly is just one of the licences that RLMS is pushing into the marketplace with major success. But Ben Bones and Hamster’s Ball also are making their mark as impressively. Pushers are playing a central role in developing whole family spend for operators, according to RLMS Sales, exclusive distributors of the Bulldog Games brand. “When we are discussing the family market...

The heroes that arcades need

Heroes and Villains
Featuring one of the hottest licences around, Bandai Namco’s Heroes and Villains pusher units are fast becoming a prominent feature of the UK FEC landscape. The DC Comics closed-loop, coin in and ticket out pusher from Bandai Namco Amusement Europe is now available in a two-player as well as a four-player version. The pusher features DC Comics heroes and villains and...

RLMS: Pusher popularity shows no sign of waning

Coinslot - Retro Arcade RLMS Sales pusher
With the summer season over and eyes now firmly fixed forward, Tony Glanville, managing director at RLMS Sales, sheds light on the perennially popular pusher market and how the company is still innovating in a sector that has been a British mainstay for more than half a century.   Coinslot: From your perspective, how have coin pushers performed in the market...