Tuesday, January 25, 2022


Comment – Time to recognise the human side of business / There may be trouble ahead!

Sketch Comment MPs - leisure spend
Why do politicians think that there isn’t a human side to business? It might be the case in their own industry, but it’s certainly not in our’s. Is it time to tell the parliamentarians that they have to listen to the business community - and that not to do so will be their peril?

Simon Barff: Pub machine revenue making steady recovery ahead of crucial Christmas period

CLMS managed pubs machine data
Software provider CLMS shares its data on pub machine performance over the last few months compared to 2019 figures, with managing director Simon Barff outlining a slow but steady recovery for the pub sector, albeit with some geographical variation due to players shifting away from city centre activity. Is there a new normal on the way?

Quentin Stott: “Those businesses that invest will get the return”

Quentin Stott Reflex Gaming ACOS 2021
Quentin Stott, managing director of Reflex Gaming, is looking forward to ACOS next week. But then he should be, his company has spent the Covid-era pumping out new games and developing its systems. “We are pointed in a very good direction,” he told Coinslot ahead of his trip to London

Barff:“I would envisage a raft of movement in the next six months… with some new and exciting entrants to the market emerging”

Simon Barff CLMS reopening
Last week Simon Barff, MD at CLMS, gave an early indication of how the public were responding to reopening; and at 82 percent of pre-Covid levels, it was..

Comment – Majestic initiative / Why the origins of Covid matter / Play time

Comment piece shipping costs
Mark Jepp and his team at Majestic should be applauded for their latest initiative which ticks so many boxes.

Players make an enthusiastic return to machines

Simon Barff MD CLMS
The first week of reopening has shown machine play reach 82 percent of pre lockdown levels. The figure is uncannily similar to last year’s pattern of return following the first 2020 lockdown. Simon Barff, MD of CLMS, talks us through the early trends.

Government needs to speed things up in order to get the economy moving again

Simon Barff CLMS
Simon Barff understands the need for caution, but the current roadmap is too cautious he feels. For him, the supply chain needs help and it needs it quickly - because the reopening schedule is not going to bring much comfort to those businesses that are really hurting

Barff: Curfew has cost pub gaming a third of its revenue

Pub gaming revenue Simon Barff CLMS data
The MD of data specialists CLMS has denounced the “irrational and irresponsible” actions of government in its clampdown on hospitality - which has cost coin-op stakeholders and the wider pub trade as much as 40 per cent of regular income. Simon Barff talks exclusively to Coinslot about the trends and the future.

Curfew cuts machine play in pubs by 40 per cent

CLMS data pub machine
According to new data from analytics specialist CLMS, the introduction of curfew has seen pub machine takings plummet by well over a third - with Bacta concurring that the scenario facing Cat C operators is “absolutely dire”.

CLMS acquires Machine Insite

Machine Insite Simon Barff
UK-based machine data auditing company, CLMS, has purchased Machine Insite from Vianet.

Bell-Fruit secures third hi-tech approval in as many months

Bell-Fruit Games is enjoying something of a winning streak, with Chase The Rainbow becoming the third hi-tech analogue AWP to gain retailer approvals since August. The model, which has been approved by both CLMS and Enterprise Inns ahead of its official launch, follows the success of Big Bank Theory, which was launched on 1 October, and Robin Hood Prince of...

Industry experts discuss AWP’s last chance saloon?

Coinslot - industry AWP's last chance saloon
Industry expert Colm Taylor argues that the pub sector has lost £600m in AWP income since 2007 and confirms a positive triennial is the only way to address the decline, and the lure of LBOs.   The pub AWP is in the commercial equivalent of intensive care, a situation compounded by the absence of a triennial review and the impact of...