Friday, January 28, 2022

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Off The Record – Gambling Commission / Problem Gambling / EAG / Covid / Fishing / COP26

Off the Record Bully Gambling Commission problem gambling EAG infection rate
Coinslot’s outspoken Arcadian takes a look at the decline in Anglo/French relations, asks isn’t it time the Gambling Commission takes a long hard look at itself and laments the ‘do what I say’ not ‘do what I do’ attitude of the world leaders and mega names flying into Glasgow on their private jets.

Absolutely fabulous Joanna Lumley drops in to Mumbles Pier

Joanna Lumley Sacha Dench Mumbles Pier
Joanna Lumley and Sacha Dench visited Mumbles Pier last week, part of the pair’s round-Britain trip to raise awareness of the devastating effects of climate change.

Climate change UK coast: “Too much at stake to ignore”

Pier Rough Waves climate change
Is it climate change or just a bad day? Britain’s seaside resorts are on the front line when it comes to shifting weather patterns and fears of a rise in sea levels.

Government report identifies long-term threats to seaside resorts

threats Coinslot Llandudno Pier
Climate change has been identified as one of the biggest long-term threats to coastal communities in a report published by the Government Office of Science.   Scientists from Exeter University, who compiled the study, said climate change would “pose a significant threat” by 2080, with a sea level's rise of up to one metre, increasing winter storms, coastal flooding, rising temperatures,...