Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Tag: Climate Central

Blackpool attractions at threat of being submerged by 2030

parts of Blackpool underwater by 2030 climate central research
A study from independent research organisation Climate Central has predicted that much of Blackpool could be beneath ten metres of water by 2030, as sea levels, tides, and storm surges increase.

New climate change data confirms UK coast at risk

Coast climate central
As world leaders gathered at COP26 in Glasgow, environmental research organisation Climate Central published updated data as to which parts of the UK are likely to be underwater by 2050 as sea levels continue to rise.

Flood warning: UK’s leading coastal resorts “at risk” as sea levels rise

Seaside resorts flood risk
With climate change expected to continue dramatically altering sea levels, UK resorts such as Blackpool and Bognor Regis could be underwater by 2050, according to a new study.   A number of leading UK seaside resorts could be “underwater” by 2050 thanks to rising sea levels resulting from climate change, according to data produced by Climate Central. The study revealed holiday favourites...