Saturday, January 29, 2022

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Singing praises: Harry Levy’s Angry Birds dubbed “the best income hammer game” by operators

Geoff Spencer Harry Levy Amusements Angry Birds Whacker
Described as “the best money taker this season” and “the best income hammer game onsite”, Angry Birds Whacker Game has been praised by FEC operators for its winning theme and eye-catching features. Harry Levy’s Geoff Spencer explains why.

Arcade escapes damage despite nearby blaze

Coinslot - Arcade Clevedon Amusements fire
The Clevedon Amusements arcade has been left unscathed following a fire started in a nearby food van early on Monday morning. An amusement arcade in Clevedon escaped without damage after a neighbouring snack van caught fire in the early hours on Monday 3 April. The Avon Fire and Rescue Service received calls just after 5am alerting them to the blaze next...