Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Tag: Clean Up Gambling

Parliamentary Group Report: The Gambling Commission has “gone rogue” and overstepped the bounds of its regulatory remit

Scott Benton damning report APPG on Betting and Gaming brands GC as under performing regulator
A damning new report by the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Betting and Gaming has branded the Gambling Commission an “under-performing regulator” and contends the role of the agency should be urgently reassessed as part of the government’s review of the Gambling Act 2005.

Gambling review: Scrap the Commission, insists IDS

Iain Duncan Smith gambling review suggestions
Sir Iain Duncan Smith has called on ministers to make “bold moves” in its review of the Gambling Act - including getting rid of the gambling watchdog altogether. But the industry will do well to beware: for IDS, bold often means ban when it comes to gambling.

Industry stakeholders applaud Cat D minimum playing age initiative

Category D age restrictions
Following a decision by Bacta members to introduce new age restrictions on Category D cash fruit machines, industry figures from gambling concern groups and the government have recognised the sector's commitment to social responsibility

National Lottery in line for minimum age increase

National lottery minimum age increase
It’s looking increasingly like a case of not if, but when the minimum age for playing the National Lottery will be raised to 18.