Sunday, September 27, 2020

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Sun, sea and social distancing: Seaside authorities balance safety and satisfaction

seaside tourism social distancing
The UK’s beaches were packed with tourists on 31 July as the country enjoyed its third-hottest day on record, prompting local authorities to double up on efforts to keep visitors safe.

Industry shows support for NHS workers

Clacton Pier NHS workers Support
A wave of amusement sites throughout the country have shown their support for NHS workers in recent days. Among those was Clacton Pier which turned..

Clarence Pier unveils two new rollercoasters

Clarence Pier Southsea
Clarence Pier has invested in two new rollercoasters to help boost its appeal to holidaymakers over the summer season.

Clarence Pier takes down rides for winter

Clarence Pier winter
The Southsea front has been left looking fairly different after both the big wheel and the Skyways Rollercoaster have been taken down for the winter months.

Clarence Pier sees summer success despite council clashes

Coinslot Clarence Pier
The installation of a new big wheel has ensured that Southsea's Clarence Pier has had a strong season despite its owners' struggles with Portsmouth City Council Running along the coast rather than offshore like most UK piers, Clarence Pier has always stood out from the crowd, being voted “No. #1 British Pier” by Holiday Lettings, TripAdvisor’s vacation rental brand. Originally built...