Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Tag: Claire Smith

Hotels urge Blackpool Central to lead with attractions rather than accommodation

Blackpool Central development Hotels urge attractions lead
Blackpool’s hoteliers are saying build the attractions first in the £300 million regeneration project. Guests need a reason to visit otherwise they don’t need to be guests. It’s a compelling argument and fundamental to the quick success a revenue generating prospects of the Blackpool Central Scheme.

Return of deckchairs pushes Blackpool’s claims

Blackpool return of Deckchairs
In a highly symbolic move the Lancashire resort of Blackpool is preparing to become the UK’s staycation capital by ushering in the return of deckchairs to the Lancashire resort’s beaches after a 10-year absence.

Blackpool Illuminations receive second extension

Blackpool Illuminations extended 2021
After plans to extend last year’s Blackpool Illuminations were cut short by the second lockdown, Blackpool Council has confirmed this year’s event will run for an additional two months.

Blackpool positive for its post-Brexit future

Blackpool positive future post brexit
Nearly four years on from its decision to leave the EU, business and politics stakeholders in Blackpool remain optimistic for Britain’s brave new world..