Monday, May 16, 2022

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Higgitt keeps YouTube audience entertained with a fixating new Beyond the Edge episode

Higgitts Amusements blackpool
YouTube channel Beyond the Edge has released the latest episode of its popular series The Higgitt Files, which follows the antics of Blackpool arcade owner and local personality Chris Higgitt.

Blackpool’s Chris Higgitt becomes hit on YouTube over £1 burger

Chris Higgitt £1 Burger YouTube
After conquering the small screen, FEC operator Chris Higgitt is conquering the even smaller screen of YouTube as he attracts video makers from across the UK to his FEC and £1 burger bar, always making sure to big up Blackpool in front of the camera.

Blackpool re-opening goes ahead despite loss of coach operators

Blackpool tourism illuminations coach tours
The loss of coach tours will hit Blackpool hard, predicts a local council report, as will convincing visitors that a trip to the coast won’t cost them their health. So, how is the UK’s biggest seaside resort planning to keep the Blackpool bounce from going flat?

Blackpool to suffer more than most from lockdown, says new report

lockdown economic impact Blackpool
A new report by think-tank the Centre for Cities has once again highlighted the degree of regional disparity in Britain when it comes to the economic impact of the country’s ongoing lockdown misery.

Visitors still seeking the “nostalgic, family-friendly seaside experience that’s synonymous with Blackpool”

Seaside Blackpool Tower North Pier
Chris Higgitt, operator of Higgitt's Las Vegas Amusements, explains that despite the ongoing rail disruption...