Friday, December 3, 2021

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The Italian Job: Sidoli schemes to circumvent supply chain disruption

Paolo Sidoli supply chain importing
Just as Michael Caine schemed to export gold bullion from an armoured security truck, SB Machines’ Paolo Sidoli has his own “big job” at hand: to import his Italian-made children’s rides amid global supply chain disruption.

SB Machines’ Kangaroo Carousel and Wave Patrol stand out from the crowd at ACOS 2021

SB Machines Kangaroo Carousel ACOS
SB Machines is using ACOS 21 to showcase Kangaroo Carousel and the all new Wave Patrol among a stand of the best of Italian coin operated rides.

Wave Patrol: The children’s ride that easily earns its £2 per play

Paolo Sidoli SB Machines Wave Patrol £2 play
With artful aesthetic, varied sound affects and complex movements, Wave Patrol represents a new breed of children’s ride providing the high quality amusements experience that parents are willing to pay £2 per play for. Debuting the new ride at ACOS this month, SB Machines’ managing director Paolo Sidoli believes Wave Patrol will set down a new standard for the children’s ride market.

Your customers are willing to pay for quality this summer, says Paolo Sidoli

SB Machines Hot Air Balloon Kangaroo Up and Down Carousel Paolo Sidoli
As a distributor of Italian-made children’s rides that cost £2 per ride, SB Machines has seen its products bloom as the economy reopens and British holidaymakers flock to their favourite seaside resorts, with managing director Paolo Sidoli attributing the success to a pent up demand for high quality experiences.

World of Rides unveils six new models to make 2021 season one to remember

Funshine Buggy World of Rides
After the most difficult period in its 50 year history, World of Rides has been preparing to make a confident comeback to normality with new models and a brand new product as the manufacturer of children’s rides vows to assist operators in making the 2021 season one their customers will remember for a long time.

Orders galore as World of Rides customers stock up for gilt-edged season

World of Rides orders galore
As Britain’s bounding vaccination roll-out brightens the light at the end of the tunnel, operators from all different sectors have been calling on World of Rides to replenish their attractions, with general manager David Robinson convinced that the season to come will kickstart the industry back to life.

SB Machines launches three new children’s rides for 2021

SB Machines 2021 machines
SB Machines are getting ready for the industry’s reopening. And it’s an impressive return to action for the Porthcawl company with three new launches for the anticipated summer boom.

Falgas falls into insolvency

Falgas falls into insolvency childrens rides
Leading Spanish kiddie ride manufacturer Falgas International has entered administration, one of many suppliers to have been hit by the collapse of the global hospitality industry.

Preparing children’s rides for the grand reopening

World of Rides Lifeguard Battery operated rides
With the 2021 summer season shaping up to be a busy one for the UK’s seasonal holiday operators, World of Rides is already working extra staggered shifts in order to meet the high demand for their 12v and 24v battery rides.

World of Rides prepares for staycation demand

World of Rides staycation boost
With attractions preparing to reopen as of next month, children’s ride manufacturer World of Rides is gearing up for a stellar season, with sales manager Andrew Robinson explaining just what sets the family-owned manufacturer apart.

World of Rides launches new ‘Parent and Child’ Funshine Buggy

Funshine Buggy World of Rides
For ‘family fun on land or ice’, World of Rides are making sure their latest launch is equipped for all UK climate conditions. Its Funshine Buggy comes equipped with new technology and a versatility tailor-made for Covid-conscious operations

Sidoli on re-opening: Finding opportunity in adversity

Paolo Sidoli SB Machines
In optimising the number of children’s rides at any one site, Paolo Sidoli of SB Machines has prioritised quality over quantity in the face of pandemic guidelines.

JNC Sales launch machine financing initiative

Sam Coleman JNC Sales Finance
JNC Sales are back in full swing with a new bespoke finance service available to customers. Sam Coleman talks to Coinslot about the initiative and the company’s first ten days of re-opening.

Paolo Sidoli to industry: Look at the bright side

Paolo Sidoli
Perennial optimist Paolo Sidoli of SB Machines claims that a likely boom in domestic tourism can only help to reverse the amusement trade’s flagging fortunes.

The price is right: SB Machines break pay-per-ride barrier with brand new range

SB Machines Carousel Paolo Sidoli
With SB Machines’ eye-catching new amusement rides proving a popular draw for visitors attending ACOS 2019, Coinslot spoke to managing director Paolo..

‘You have to move with the times’

Gareth Jones Production manager Northern Leisure Group T/A Kiddy Rides
Kiddie rides have been a mainstay of the British leisure market for decades, but whilst these iconic installations remain popular those behind them..

On top of the world

Rocket, world of rides
World of Rides, the UK’s longest-established family-owned children’s rides specialists, will be celebrating its 50th anniversary this year with a bigger range than ever. In addition to its renowned portfolio of in-house designs the company has been appointed as the official UK distributor for the award-winning Falgas and Cogan ranges of static rides. As well as point of sale, this...

A touch of Italian class

SB Machines, Paolo Sidoli, seaside, childrens rides, interview
SB Machines is renowned as a supplier of top quality children’s rides, sourced from the design capital of the world - Italy. For more than 25 years, the seaside amusement sector has been fundamental for the Porthcawl-based company. Paolo Sidoli, principal of SB Machines, said: “The seaside has always captured the imagination of the general public and improvements in facilities...

SB Machines: “Coastal operators are a key barometer for our industry”

SB Machines Paolo Sidoli Coastal Operators
The UK seaside amusement sector is one of the best in the world says Paolo Sidoli, principal at SB Machines, and it looks like the only way is up from here.

All signs point to summer success

David Robinson World of Rides
As it celebrates its 50th year as a family-operated amusements specialist, there are few companies that know the value of the British seaside like...

Off road adventures

Outlander, World of Rides
World of Rides has launched its brand new range of side-by-side seating parent and child battery operated off road Outlander Big Cars for this summer season, allowing operators the ability to provide a safe, colourful, fully interactive and very profitable new jungle, jurassic or woodland style of attraction for their venues, either indoors or outdoors. The large twin seat off...

David Robinson: Unstoppable innovation driving seaside success

David Robinson World of Rides
World of Rides has been on the forefront of kiddie ride innovation for close to half a century, Coinslot asked David Robinson about how the company has been a proven winner for coastal operators in the past and how the genre remains just as important going forward. Coinslot: What role do coastal operations play in your business model? David Robinson: “Seaside...