Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Tag: Catrin White

Mecca Bingo support diversified offer with marketing surge

Mecca Bingo marketing
Amid a brand refresh and a financial performance that Rank Group say is “broadly where we expected to be”, Mecca Bingo marketing director Catrin White outlines the importance of strong marketing and a diversified offer in the bingo operators reopening strategy.

Mecca Bingo celebrates birthday with brand refresh

Mecca Bingo brand refresh
Mecca Bingo has announced plans to “redefine the modern-day bingo experience” through a brand refresh, as the operator celebrates both reopening and its 60th anniversary.

Millennials are replacing night clubs and dancing shoes with bingo clubs and dabbers according to Mecca survey

Mecca Bingo survey
Ahead of its 60th birthday celebrations taking place next year, Mecca Bingo has conducted its own extensive survey of 2,000 players generating a rich seam of media friendly facts, figures and social insights