Saturday, November 27, 2021

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Mim’s the Word: Government looking at additional player protections for B3s

Parliament Parliamentary reception bacta Mims Davies
Speaking during a parliamentary reception held by Bacta last week, Mims Davies, the new minister for Sport, Civil Society and Loneliness, confirmed that her

The rise of the B3 machines

Cat B3
Gavin Wright, head of UK sales at Blueprint Machines, comments on the growth of the B3 market, its industry importance and the products and innovations behind it all. Coinslot: How have you perceived the performances of Cat B3 machines so far this year? GavinWright: “Blueprint Machines actively monitors all B3 product in the UK market across various sectors.This includes own...

The Gambling Commission’s advice for Category B3

Neil Mcarthur
In its formal advice to the DCMS, the Gambling Commission - now led by chief executive Neil McArthur - outlines its recommendations for changes to B3 machines as part of the government’s review of gaming machines and social responsibility measures.   Category B3 gaming machines have a maximum stake of £2, a maximum prize of £500 and a minimum game cycle...