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Chasing rabbits

gambling commission
As the Gambling Commission takes aim at Cat D, Sam Spencer mixes his metaphors to suggest the regulator is wasting energy on chasing rabbits, while allowing wolves to prowl. When the DCMS suggested Bacta must provide potential player protection measures on Cat D to allow stakes and prizes to be increased,the industry was setaback. Quite simply,there has never been any evidence,...

Gambling Commission targets Cat D for player protections despite “no compelling evidence”

Neil Mcarthur
After giving provenly harmful FOBTs an easy ride in their recommendations on the Triennial Review, the Gambling Commission is taking an aggressive approach on Cat D machines, calling for player protection measures despite self-confessed lack of evidence. The very same self-described ‘evidence-based’ regulator that suggested a £30 maximum stake on FOBTs - contrary to both statistical data and popular opinion...

Manufacturers identify opportunity in market of renewed competition

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Project’s Tony Boulton believes last week’s FOBT stake cut represents renewed opportunity for businesses on Britain’s high street, however, with no changes to Cat C and D, Electrocoin’s John Stergides predicts the country’s manufacturing sector will continue to shrink without the necessary attention. There appear to be many ways to view the Triennial Review. The amusements industry’s manufacturers are anticipating...

Cat C and D stuck at status quo as B3 remains under review

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In line with expectations following a disappointing consultation document last year, the DCMS has decided not to change stakes and prizes on Cat C, D, B3A/B4 and B3, with the latter remaining under review for additional player protection measures. Cat C, D, B3A/B4 and B3 will remain at their current level of stakes and prizes following a disappointing but expected...

Leisure sector calls for better stakes

Pub stakes
The British Beer and Pub Association and UKHospitality have voiced disappointment over a lack of movement on Category C stakes and called for further deregulation in the sector. The industry bodies had previously stated that a rise in stakes and prizes for Cat C units, an increase of automatic entitlement from two to four and reducing red tape could help...

Gambling Comission Statistics: A fair representation?

Coinslot - GC statistics
Included in the Gambling Commission Annual Report is an array of statistics under three separate titles: Consumer Participation, Attitudes and Consumer Issues. But do they paint a balanced picture of the UK’s wider gambling landscape, or are they aimed in a particular direction?   The Gambling Commission has released a number of statistics regarding the UK’s wider gambling industry in its...

Reflex’s Moonstruck ‘selling like hotcakes’

Coinslot Mat Ingram Reflex BetVictorGaming
Following a successful EAG last month, Reflex Gaming attended ICE with its impactful three-player Lady Luck Moonstruck and some new brand new AWPs. Reflex Gaming returned to the London ExCeL Center for ICE with its three-player Lady Luck Moonstruck, a Cat C/D machine that proved extremely popular at EAG only a few weeks earlier. Mat Ingram, chief product officer at Reflex,...

EAG 2017 report: Astra Games – A heroic showing

Coinslot Astra chris butler bonus
As ever, there was plenty to choose from at the Astra stand this year, including the EAG debut of its Batman licence. Appearing in both gaming and redemption form, the caped crusader was the star attraction of a stand that also hosted an array of other titles. Manufacturer Astra showcased a host of new games, covering categories B, C and...

Quentin Stott on the 2017 gaming machine market

Reflex Gaming’s MD, Quentin Stott, gives us his impression of the gaming machine market in 2017 and how his company is leading the charge for contactless technology.   Coinslot: How do you think the gaming machine sector fared during 2016? What are the key challenges facing it in the year ahead? Quentin Stott: 2016 was witness to another year of a changing...

A stellar line-up from RLMS in store for 2017

Coinslot DOND 3D RLMS
RLMS assembles the hottest line-up of games from the top manufacturers in the business to deliver the most successful year yet. At EAG this month, all the big guns are out in force. RLMS Sales sets out its stall at this year’s EAG International Expo with a stellar line-up of the latest leisure and gaming equipment garnered from some of...

Bacta Convention – The focus of policy-makers

Coinslot Bacta Convention Sarah Harrison diversity
Sarah Harrison lays out the areas that top gambling policy-makers agendas as part of her recent speech at the Bacta Convention. The gambling review is the key focus for Government and policy-makers. Its focus is not just on stakes and prizes consistent with a traditional triennial review, it is also looking more widely at the impact of industry actions on...

Star struck – Reflex Gaming’s Lady Luck Moonstruck well received at ACOS

Coinslot Reflex Gaming
Reflex Gaming exhibited it’s hugely impactful 3-Player machine, Lady Luck Moonstruck, at the recent ACOS show and was delighted with how well it was received. “The machine simply stood out and caught the imagination of arcade and bingo customers alike. A number of my customers told me that it was the stand out product of the show, which is really...