Tuesday, September 29, 2020

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Nick Harding Comment: Is it just me?

Nick Harding Gambling Business Group
Nick Harding, chairman of the influential strategic body, the Gambling Business Group, applies some straight thinking to the seemingly circuitous debate.

James Miller: Delivering better solutions that drive the industry forward

James Miller Tickets2Wishes
In his first keynote interview as National President, James Miller talks to Coinslot about the challenges he expects to face over the coming two years.

Academics study into FOBT impact revealed

Coinslot - FOBT bacta study academics B2
A recent study into the effects of reducing the maximum permitted stake on FOBT machines hit a blow to the gambling genre. So what did the academics conclude?   All the sources of evidence we have explored point to the conclusion that the stakes on FOBTs should be substantially reduced from £100 or £50 to something closer to £10 in order...

Gambling Commission data reveals state of B2 vs B3

Coinslot Gambling Commission Data
The Gambling Commission has published data relating to a huge amount of play on B3 and B2 games across all sectors, as it prepares to issues its formal gaming review advice to the government. The Gambling Commission has released a large amount of data which will be used by the DCMS as part of the government’s ‘review of gaming machines...

“No clear answer on FOBTs” says GambleAware

Coinslot GambleAware
GambleAware insisted that there is no conclusive evidence on B2s as it presented its findings to the APPG on FOBTs in Westminster last week. GambleAware, the organisation formerly known as the Responsible Gambling Trust, has presented evidence to the All Party Parliamentary Group on FOBTs. Joining organisations such as Bacta and the ABB in appearing before the partisan collective. Kate Lampard,...

A softer approach, but still plenty of sharp edges

Coinslot Sarah Harrison
Sarah Harrison doled out some much sought after praise for coin-op’s responsible gambling efforts, but she still had plenty of forthright messages to deliver to the assembled convention, along with news of what may swing the GC’s B2 recommendation. If it wasn’t already clear from her debut speech a year ago at the 2015 Bacta Convention, or her actions since...

Welsh Lords given hope on FOBTs controls

Coinslot FOBTs
During the most recent Lords hearing on the Wales Bill, which would see certain powers devolved to the Welsh government, there was once again an impassioned plea to see controls over FOBTs added to the list. During the committee stage in the House of Lords, Baroness Morgan of Ely stated: “Whilst I think we have to recognise that betting probably...

Groundbreaking report backs lowering FOBT stakes ahead of Triennial Review

coinslot FOBT campaign BALPPA
An independent report into the effects of lowering FOBT stakes has, for the first time, created a compelling body of evidence to put before the DCMS, just ahead of the Triennial Review deadline. A potentially pivotal report has been published in the battle for a level playing field on the high street, examining what effects radically lowering the stakes of...