Friday, January 15, 2021

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Brexit has paved the way for an increase in contactless spend to £100

contactless payment increase
The UK’s withdrawal from the European Union, could accelerate both the value and the volume of contactless transactions, confirming that cash is on the way out and underlining further the importance to both the industry and machine players of securing the ability to provide alternative and modern payment methods.

Electrocoin announces Led Zeppelin pinball among its 2021 launches

Electrocoin Led Zepplin pinball and ball paradise
Electrocoin has announced a host of exciting products and new developments of existing successful lines for the single site, AGC’s and FEC sectors.

GeWeTe and OKTO partner up for a more efficient global cashless solution

GeWeTe Aristidis Tsikouras OKTO.WALLET
Cash handling specialists GeWeTe have struck a deal with licensed fintech firm OKTO to implement an app-based cashless system, OKTO.WALLET, onto its self-service cash redemption terminals.

UDC’s Pearl Fishery pusher gets five stars from Funstation

UDC Pearl Fishery Funstation
UDC visited Funstation in Castleford, Yorkshire recently to follow up on the installation of its coinless pusher, Pearl Fishery.

Weymouth FEC opts to offer guests choice on cashless

Semnox Alexandra Gardens cashless arcade payments system
A 150-machine arcade in Weymouth has installed the Semnox Parfait cashless arcade system, allowing guests to use cards or coins and enabling the operator to switch between paper and electronic tickets.

Cashless continues growth amid lockdown restrictions

ATM use declines Cashless growth lockdown
The pandemic has been instrumental in accelerating the move toward a cashless society, with access to ATMs limited by lockdown measures, a separation of customers and service staff, and a growing uneasiness around handling notes and coins.

Cashless key to redemption growth for Semnox

Kiran Karanki Semnox Cashless key to redemption growth
As redemption operators and manufacturers across the country begin to fully appreciate the capacity of cashless to streamline and enhance the game play process, Semnox CEO Kiran Karanki told Coinslot how the Mangalore-based firm is setting the trend.

Answering the cashless question

Greg Wood Yalp cashless
Greg Wood, vice-president of Bacta, spoke about his role as chair of the trade body’s payment committee and director of GPT, the joint venture company..

Two Cherries launches smoothly in Manchester

Two Cherries Manchester launch
Now ripe in handpicked pubs around Manchester, Two Cherries answered the calls of both pub managers and players during its live launch in the first week..

NRM is pioneering the delivery of retail gaming applications

Andrew Ludlow NRM retail gaming
Andrew Ludlow, Managing Director of NRM, explores where apps are most needed in the gaming space and the importance of working with retail customers.

Two Cherries demonstrates its simple and secure industry-wide cashless solution

Two Cherries cashless solutions
Two Cherries are leading the way in the industry’s contactless payment solution race and at ACOS the company showed operators that its proven technology..

Giving card the finger: Manchester bar introduces Fingopay veinID payment

Fingopay payment access system
Manchester bar XYZ Social has partnered with biometrics payment provider Fingopay to become the first venue in the UK to use veinID technology used to..

Cashless life on the rise, says UK Finance

UK Finance data Cashless on rise
Recently released data from banking organisation UK Finance shows that the ratio of adults living a “largely cashless” life

Every season is built on change

Electrocoin John A Stergides Park Avenue Open Day
Ahead of the Park Avenue Open Day Coinslot spoke to Electrocoin’s John A Stergides about what those attending can expect this coming Wednesday 5th June.

Is the US setting a trend? Florida’s largest FEC goes for cashless option

Xtreme Action Park Cashless Payments
So, is the US driving the marketplace? Is the cashless train heading this way sometime soon? The trend and evidence across the Atlantic is certainly..

Customers expect cashless commerce, even on Cat C

Two Cherries cashless Cat C
Two Cherries Technologies’ Howard Gant explains that while pubs have been hit hardest by the exponential decline of cash transactions, AGC and bingo clubs..

Southsea arcade goes cashless with Kwikpay

Kwikpay Cashless
Harry Levy Amusements has introduced an app-based cashless payment and customer interaction system into its Southsea Pier arcade from Kwikpay. Southsea is the first Harry Levy location to go cashless, with other arcades across the UK to follow. Kwikpay allows customers to make digital payments for rides and amusement machines using stored cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay. In...

British Seasides – Don’t call it a comeback

Electrocoin John Anthony Stergides 1000x562
Electrocoin’s John Anthony Stergides takes stock of the UK’s resurgent coastal leisure market, the products that have driven success to date and how..

AATAPI Wonderland Goes Cashless With Semnox Parafait

AATAPI Wonderland, Cashless, Semnox Parafait
In keeping with its reputation of successful implementation of unique large scale park projects, Semnox has recently completed automation of Arved Ajwa Theme and Amusement Park India (AATAPI). Situated in Ajwa on the outskirts of Vadodara, Gujarat, this Public Private Partnership (PPP) model project sprawling over 70 acres, is considered the biggest theme park in Western India. With over 60...

Reliability, functionality and flexibility will put Two Cherries on top

Two Cherries, solutions, cashless payments, voluntary player tracking
With a few industry players currently looking at providing a solution to the industry’s ongoing cashless challenge, IHL’s Howard Gant explains the qualities he believes will make Two Cherries’ smartphone app the pick of the bunch. What are the most important qualities in a payments smartphone app? Howard Gant: It almost goes without saying that security has to come first, but...

Cashless key for Rimini Solutions and Ask Global

Cashless, Rimini Solutions, Ask Global, payments
Rimini Guardian, under the Ask Global Solutions banner, showcased the latest developments in its payment processing systems. With cashless set to make headlines this year, the firm’s payment kiosks, SAS and multi protocol accounting and cashless systems proved extremely popular with delegates. “We saw a lot of demonstrations, and people wanting to talk about cashless systems,” said marketing spokesman Martin Bush....

Cash mustn’t die, warns new study

cash, cashless, report
A new report has concluded that allowing the cashless revolution to completely replace notes and coins would represent a catastrophe for much of the population. Britain is at risk of “sleepwalking” into becoming a cashless society to the disadvantage of millions, a new study has ruled. Authored by ex-financial ombudsman Natalie Ceeney, the Access to Cash report estimated that as...

Is cashless necessary for the future of FECs?

Cashless payment phone
For pub machines it’s vital, for AGCs it’s important, but is a cashless system necessary for the future of the FEC, holiday park and seaside sector? Last week, Grand Pier owner Michelle Michael, Namco’s Trevor Sutton and Kevin Scott, head of arcades at Bourne Leisure provided their insights via the Bacta AGM Tech panel. Michelle Michael, owner of the Grand Pier,...

GRS Fantasy Park goes cashless with Semnox’s Parafait

GRS Fantasy Park, Cashless, Semnox, Parafait
Semnox Solutions has successfully enabled GRS Fantasy Park, Mysuru, to switch to complete automation. GRS Fantasy Park is a family water park and is one of the top tourist destinations in the beautiful city of Mysuru, Karnataka. Spread across 40 acres of lush vibrant greenery and pleasant surroundings, GRS offers an adventure filled day for the entire family. With over...

ATMs being removed from pubs, AGCs and FECs, reports Bacta

ATM Machine
ATMs are being removed from pubs, AGCs and FECs due to changes in commercial terms, according to Bacta, reporting information coming in from its members. To get to the bottom of the issue, the trade body has contacted the UK Treasury, which is currently in the process of producing a report on ‘cash and digital payments’ after consulting interested parties...

Suffolk pub claims to be first to go cashless

Cashless Society
The operator of The Boot in Freston, near Ipswich has claimed to be the first in the country to go completely cashless. Whilst the growth of card and contactless payments has been undeniable in recent years it did appear that the pub sector was loth to go all in on the form. This news coming out of Suffolk however may signal...

Cash machines closing up at alarming rate, says regulator

Cash machine
An increasingly cashless economy is to blame for ATM closures, but there’s still no sign of cashless payment for UK arcades. Free-to-use cash-machines are disappearing at a rate of 250 per month, according to national network co-ordinator Link. At present there are over 53,000 ATMs across the length and breadth of the country, down from 54,500 at the beginning of the...

Bank Holiday Bonanza for Playgo App

Mobile phone
Playygo, the cashless payment app from G-Squared Games, has recorded a bumper bank holiday surge in player engagement. The app, first previewed at EAG 2018, is the first to offer a fully comprehensive, machine agnostic cashless payment system. “Traditionally the August bank holiday is the beginning of an upwards trend in pub machine takings after the summer period,” explained G-Squared...

Customer, operator, Commission: With cashless technology, everyone’s a winner

Pound Coins
When a government-owned institution as old as The Royal Mint believes that it must have cashless payment options to survive in modern Britain, it creates a convincing picture for the amusements industry’s need to follow suit as soon as possible - and what better time before the Gambling Commission’s upcoming data drive? We need to be relevant to younger people...

Cashless under review as 300 ATMs close per month

ATM cashpoint
ATM network provider Link has launched an independent review into the effect of a cashless society on communities and small businesses, but many in the amusements industry are already feeling the crunch from cash machine closures. A review into how Britain’s increasingly cashless society is affecting communities and small businesses has been commissioned by ATM network provider Link, with the...