Tuesday, December 7, 2021

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Industry veteran Peter Cole wins VIP Manchester United tickets in OKTO draw at ACOS

OKTO prize draw Peter Cole wins tickets
Peter Cole MD of Project Customer Services, struck it lucky when he won two VIP hospitality tickets to Old Trafford courtesy of OKTO, UK gaming’s premier cashless payments provider.

OKTO signs with MERKUR Slots and MERKUR Bingo to extend growing cashless relationship with UK machine players

OKTO Merkur ACOS 2021
OKTO continues to build its presence in the UK cashless payments marketplace with a new deal signed with the MERKUR Slots and MERKUR bingo brands.

Win VIP hospitality to watch Manchester United v Spurs in the OKTO draw

OKTO competition ACOS Manchester United hospitality
Visitors to ACOS (20- 21 October) will have a fantastic opportunity to win a pair of luxury VIP hospitality tickets to watch Manchester United take on Spurs at Old Trafford in the Premier League fixture scheduled for Saturday, March 12th. The tickets, which are in tier 2 of the Sir Alex Ferguson Stand, are being offered in a free to enter draw that’s being organised by OKTO, UK gaming’s cashless payments provider of choice.

OKTO: ‘Addressing the digital demographic is essential for the future of retail gaming’

OKTO Filippos Antonopoulos
Filippos Antonopoulos is CEO of OKTO, a company that’s processed £1.5bn of payments, is active in multiple jurisdictions and partners with household brands including Xbox, Vodafone and Sony. Having confirmed partnership agreements with Regal Gaming & Leisure, Inspired Entertainment and Bob Rudd, he explains why engaging with the digital demographic is so vital and expands on his ambitions for and commitments to UK gaming.

Playsafe launch Payter as industry embraces contactless payments

Iain Lunt Playsafe launch Payter contactless payments
Iain Lunt, sales and commercial manager at Playsafe, spoke to Coinslot about how the company has reacted to market changes over the last 18 months as Britain’s cashless society accelerated and operators began to truly embrace contactless cashless solutions

Robert Gibb celebrates five years at Bacta

Robert Gibb celebrates five years at Bacta
Bacta’s head of finance and operations Robert Gibb is celebrating five years with the trade association, a period which has seen numerous developments and changes within the industry

OKTO sign cashless payments partnership with Bob Rudd to further grow market share

OKTO Bob Rudd Cashless Payments
OKTO is swiftly establishing itself as UK gaming’s cashless payments provider. Its march continues with a new partnership signed with Bob Rudd.

Game Payment Technology and Blueprint Operations sign Integration Agreement

David Purvis Blueprint Operations Game Payment Operations sign Integration Agreement
Major gaming machine supplier, Blueprint Operations, part of the Gauselmann Group, has this week signed an agreement with Game Payment Technology, to integrate its world-leading cashless digital wallet into Blueprint machines.

Instance Automatics launches “simple” cashless installation kit

Instance Contactless installation conversion kit
Instance Automatics have launched a “full, simple installation kit to convert most machines to contactless payment”.

Comment: An industry stuck in the past as everyone else embraces the future / Banksy vandalism

Comment payments low stake gambling Banksy vandalism
Latest payments advances don’t apply to low stake gambling entertainment (again!) When will the industry be allowed to join the 21st century?

Cash on site makes AGCs a target for criminals

John White cash on site makes AGCs target criminals
A recent rise in robberies at AGCs further underlines the need for the introduction of cashless payments, Bacta CEO John White contends.

MERKUR UK’s Sascha Blodau joins gaming industry and fintech leaders at OKTO’s first European Digitalisation Forum

European Digitalisation Forum OKTO
80 percent of transactions in UK pubs are non-cash which made the first European Digitalisation Forum organised by OKTO both timely and relevant.

Regulating against the tide? Gambling Commission releases survey into cashless payments, only to learn what everyone already knew

cashless payments Gambling Commission
Land-based gamblers think cashless payments make it easier to overspend; that’s the Gambling Commission’s take on a recent survey. Its conclusion is an app to track cashless payments could reduce any potential harm from cashless gaming. What, then, would it say about spending on Amazon, Apple Store and every online retail outlet?

It’s time for the industry to cash in

Joseph Cullis Time for the industry to cash in
Coinslot talks to Joseph Cullis, chairman of Bacta’s Division 1 and the association’s Scottish Regional Chair about the challenges facing the industry over the coming year.

VMA Systems unveil new free GPT Explorer app

GPT Explorer app from VMA Systems
VMA Systems has launched a new free GPT Explorer app, allowing machine operators a full view of the cashless performance of their Game Payment Technology-enabled machines.

Covid has put ten years on cash and a handicap on cash-reliant machines

Covid puts 10 years on Cash reliant machines
With Covid accelerating the use of cashless payments as well as other customer behaviours, some hospitality businesses are choosing to ditch cash entirely - leaving cash-reliant gaming machines in danger of inhospitable environments.

Mat Ingram: Cashless can be a better king

Mat Ingram reflex Gaming Game Payment Cashless Payments Q&A FEC AGC pubs
The long reign of cash in the industry is coming to an end, and while some may mourn its departure, Reflex director Mat Ingram believes cashless payments can serve the industry just as well, if not better, than its longstanding predecessor.

Game Payment: Solving cashless and social responsibility concerns in one smartphone app

Game Payment app cashless solution
As is the case with many great innovations, the Game Payment app, headed by industry trade association Bacta, and supported by directors from Reflex and Essex Leisure, is proving to be useful beyond its intended means as a cashless solution. Reflex’s Mat Ingram reveals that the app’s potential to solve ongoing social responsibility concerns has become its most important feature.

Game Payment Technology smash forecasts with average value of electronic funds ahead by more than 400 percent

Game Payment Technolgy early feedback
Feedback from the Game Payment Technology early adopter programme has exceeded pre-launch forecasts and challenged conventional thinking surrounding the take-up and acceptance of technology by players in older demographic groups

Coastal cash cull?

Blackpool cashless payment parking
Following the successful launch of a new mobile parking app, Blackpool Council has confirmed it will introduce cashless payment for its car parks and on-street bays.

Squaring the cashless circle: Survey reveals extent of non-cash payment growth

cashless payments survey Square
A survey by payments firm Square has revealed that fewer than one in four payments in the UK are currently made with cash, as Coronavirus safety measures exacerbate the growth of contactless transactions

Game Payment national roll-out progresses

Game Payment national roll-out progresses
The emergence of an industry solution to cashless payments is making speedy progress as 300 Game Payment-enabled machines hit the marketplace this month.

Cash freeze shows exactly why the industry must have access to the broadest range of payment methods

low stake gambling payment methods
The low stake gambling industry faces being caught between a rock and a hard place, with machine players squeezed by the legal restriction which currently prohibits the use of debit cards on gaming machines and a programme of closures which has seen one in eight banks and cashpoints close during the pandemic. Jason Frost highlights the dilemma.

OKTO ready to answer industry’s cashless question, once and for all

OKTO cashless payments solution
International fintech provider OKTO is ready to give Britain’s retail gaming sectors a much needed post-lockdown boost by offering the definitive solution to the longstanding challenge of cashless payments.

GeWeTe outlines solutions to cash handling concerns and confirms on-going support for operators as industry returns to business

GeWeTe payment terminals
GeWeTe sales manager Mark Edmundson takes a look at the challenges that lie ahead for businesses as they prepare for the ‘new normal’ in post-lockdown Britain. And top of the list will be cash; not just making it, but the process of taking it and keeping consumers and staff safe and at ease with the exchange

Players want cashless environments more than ever

Cashless environment
Cashless environments will be a main component in helping players in retail make payments when businesses return to normal after the Covid-19 crisis, according to Samuel Barrett, director of gaming at Trustly.

Contactless thrives in a socially distanced society

Contactless payments social distancing
As consumers look to limit physical contact during lockdown, contactless payments have had their limit increased to £45, with cashless expected to increase at an even faster rate during 2020 and beyond

GeWeTe’s changing face of cash handling

Mark Edmundson GeWeTe Cash Handling
GeWeTe’s Mark Edmundson explains how cash handling has transitioned from being simply a function to become an important way for a venue to generate additional income

Electrocoin: ‘The market will continue to grow’

John A Stergides Electrocoin
Electrocoin has championed the redemption market since its inception, and as we head into the 2020 season it shows little sign of slowing, comments, John A Stergides

Gauselmann deal start of bright year for ITL

ITL Gauselmann Andy Bower
ITL MD Andy Bower explains just what it is that continues to give the independent East Yorkshire firm its edge.