Monday, September 21, 2020

Tag: cashless payments solutions

Looking to maximise on international attention

Robert Gibb Bacta Game Payment Technology ICE
Bacta’s Robert Gibb is looking forward to putting the Game Payment cashless app on to the world stage at ICE London. “We are going to ICE in confident..

Yalp: Industry invited to see for themselves at EAG

Greg Wood Yalp cashless gaming Game Payment Technology
From a standing start the team behind Yalp has made huge strides towards delivering the cashless gaming payment app the industry has been waiting for as Greg Wood outlines

Two Cherries: Leading the pack, but still open for collaboration

Howard Gant Two Cherries
Set to be on more than 4,000 machines over the turn of the year, Two Cherries is leading the charge to provide the industry with a single cashless payments solution..

Giving card the finger: Manchester bar introduces Fingopay veinID payment

Fingopay payment access system
Manchester bar XYZ Social has partnered with biometrics payment provider Fingopay to become the first venue in the UK to use veinID technology used to..

Nayax brings its expertise to InterFun Expo

Nayax InterFun Expo cashless payments solutions
Nayax is to showcase its cashless payments solutions and management suites to arcade and FEC operators attending InterFun Expo in Leeds, UK. Lewis Zimbler, general manager of Nayax UK, said: “As Nayax expands into the amusement, arcade and kiddie ride markets, we are excited to participate in this year’s InterFun Expo, bringing our cashless payment solution to arcade and FEC...