Sunday, September 27, 2020

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‘Landmark achievement’: Game Payment cashless App secures Tier 1 UK bank approval

cashless payments John Rozek Game Payment Technology
The industry backed cashless payments app is now ready for site testing following agreement with a Tier 1 UK bank. The pioneering move is one that could revolutionise payment processes in the UK industry

Nayax UK: Nurture customer relations for long term engagement

nayax Monyx Wallet App
Six months on from its official launch the Monyx Wallet 2.0 payment app from Nayax has been driving on-site user engagement with its expanded range of..

Cashless Payments: The way forward

Electrocoin Intercard Cashless Payment solution
The Intercard solution, officially distributed in the UK by Electrocoin, offers operators the way forward when it comes to cashless payments.

Funcity switches to Semnox cashless RFID systems

semnox funcity
Semnox Solutions has successfully enabled Funcity to migrate to cashless RFID systems at its outlets across India. Funcity has made the switch from its existing card system to Semnox ’s RFID system that functions on a ‘tap-to-play’ model for a seamless experience. Starting off with a pilot at Funcity, Alpha One Mall, Ahmedabad, the process has now been completed. Funcity...

Conversations continue as Two Cherries targets April testing for industry-wide cashless payment solution

Two Cherries, target, cashless payment, solutions
Speaking to Coinslot about the recently announced smartphone app from Two Cherries, IHL’s Howard Gant outlines the company’s road- map towards providing the entire UK retail gaming industry with one independent cashless payments solution. After announcing its intention to provide the industry with a cashless payment solution last week, Two Cherries Technologies has revealed just how inclusive the independent company’s...

Dransfields reports successful year in tough climate

gambling machine
Leeds-based gaming machines supplier, Dransfields, has reported a successful year of trading despite the continued impact of outside socio- economic factors. Despite feeling the effect of currency changes, a changing societal view on cash and the constricting of key markets, Dransfields reported a successful year of trading in a recent release. In a financial report for year ended 30 June 2017...

Hannibal wants ‘informed debate’ on cashless payment

Coinslot, Peter Hannibal, Gambling Business Group, cashless payment, GBG,
The head of the Gambling Business Group has called for the industry, regulators and legislators to enter into an informed debate about the use of debit cards on gaming machines, with a view to the introduction of contactless payment methods.   Gambling Business Group (GBG) chief executive, Peter Hannibal, has called for an “educated and informed debate” regarding the use of...