Pub closure rate markedly down – but don’t hold your breath, says CAMRA

Pub closure rate down CAMRA industry
The frequency of pub- closures in the UK has slowed from its dizzyingly high peak in 2014, but remains worryingly high, according to industry observers. Statistics for 2018 show that on an average week last year, 14 pubs closed their doors permanently - that’s down from 29 five years ago. Acknowledging the plight of publicans, government took action in 2017 and...

Cost of a pint now judged “unaffordable” by most Brits

A new survey finds that over half of UK adults may be struggling to cough-up the change for a pint in their local. All the more reason, then, for investment in the pub machines sector. The exorbitant price of a beer in pubs may well be keeping swathes of punters at home, suggests pub advocacy group The Campaign for Real...

CAMRA campaign against “ticking time bomb” pub rates garners parliamentary support

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The budget in March was a mixed bag for pubs, with minor rates relief for many dampened by increased beer duty for all. Before the next budget on 22 November, the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) has piled on pressure for further relief.   The Campaign for Real Ale has warned that pub business rates are a “ticking time bomb” as...

Simmonds comments on public concern over beer duty

Coinslot - Brigid Simmonds beer duty
BBPA Chief Executive, Brigid Simmonds, has expressed her views on a recent survey from YouGov for CAMRA which shows the public’s concerns over beer duty. The research, carried out by YouGov has found that 55% of people who expressed an opinion believe beer duty is too high at 54p per pint. Commenting on the survey from YouGov for CAMRA (Campaign for...

CAMRA chief calls for action on tax and planning

Coinslot, CAMRA, pub taxation, tax, Colin Valentine
The Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA), which aside from its beverage promotion activities represents the overall interests of a number of wet-led venues, has spoken publicly about its desire for lower pub taxation. Its chairman, Colin Valentine, has called out the difference in taxation between pubs and supermarkets, as he believes that this will be one of the major issues...

Is slowing pub decline good news for machines?

Coinslot, Pub, Cat C, fruit machines, Michael Hardmam, CAMRA
New data indicates that the rate of pub closures is slowing, but is this good news for coin-op? The decimation of the pub industry over the past decade has played a role in the fortunes of Cat C machines, while the rise in food-led establishments amongst the many public houses that remain has also exerted a negative effect. Recently released data...

BBPA, SIBA and CAMRA publish ‘The Story of Beer Duty’

British Beer & Pub Association publish ‘The Story of Beer Duty’ discussing major turnaround for industry since abolishment of Beer Duty Escalator. The British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA) has announced publication of ‘The Story of Beer Duty: 2008-2016’, detailing how the UK Government’s decision to abolish the Beer Duty Escalator helped to spark a major turnaround in the fortunes...