Sunday, September 27, 2020

Tag: California

Fun Factory announces California location

FunFactory Valencia california
Hawaii-based FEC chain Fun Factory continues to expand across the mainland USA with a new location in Valencia, California.   Like Fun Factory’s other 16 locations throughout Hawaii and the continental US, the Valencia store expands on the unique Fun Factory guest experience and relies on the Embed system for point of sale, redemption center management, and the cashless operation of...

LA man clocks up 2,000 days in a row at Disneyland

Coinslot - Disneyland California
The Deccan Chronicle is reporting that a Los Angeles man has visited the Californian Disneyland Resort for a mammoth 2,000 days in a row.   Jeff Reitz, 44, has made his pilgrimage to the self-titled “The Happiest Place on Earth” every single day since 1 January 2012 which is an awful lot of happiness for one man to ingest, even in...

Guardians of the galactic queue at Disneyland

Coinslot - Guardians of the Galaxy queue california
The opening of Disneyland California’s Guardians of the Galaxy ride has seen reports of visitors queuing for up to seven hours for the new Marvel film inspired ride.   It is being widely reported that revellers at Disneyland, California, showed their American love of inactivity this weekend by queueing for up to seven hours for a five minute ride. Following the launch...

Virtual Reality in real life at Cali conference

Coinslot - Cali conference VR Arcade
This year’s VR Arcade Conference at the AMD Centre in California has announced it will take place on 3-4 April.   With Virtual Reality arcades slowly gaining popularity across the UK, curious operators may want to attend to VR Arcade Conference at the AMD Centre in Sunnyvale, California on 3-4 April. This is the best business conference for VR/AR arcades and the...

“100 arcade game” FEC Pizzeria to open in California

Coinslot California FEC
A new concept Pizzeria-FEC, John’s Incredible Pizza Company, is preparing to open its doors in NewPark Mall, California. The giant restaurant features several themed dining rooms, including Tahoe-style “Cabin Fever”, the kids favourite “Toon Time Theatre” and a “Hall of Fame” sports room. But the main attraction is a 65,000 square foot FEC replete with bowling alleys, mini golf, bumper...