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External cash machines shouldn’t pay seperate rates, rules Supreme Court

ATM Cash Machine business rates
Operators that have previously paid separate business rates on their cash machines could be in for a rebate after supermarkets won an appeal in the Supreme Court last week, Grocers including Tesco and Sainsbury’s first won a ruling saying they were not liable for separate rates on cash machines at their supermarkets in 2018, but this decision was challenged by valuations officers working for HMRC.

BBPA calls for more action as government announces pub rate relief

BBPA business rate relief
The BBPA has hailed the government’s announcement that 18,000 pubs will benefit from a £1,000 business rate relief as “great news,” but adds..

Bacta “engaged” with DCLG for arcade rate-relief eligibility

John White Bacta business rates
The amusements and coin-op trade association wants its stake holders to be included with the lion’s share of other retail-facing businesses in benefiting from the government’s decision to slash business rates.

High business rates takes toll on innovation

Bristol The Galleries business rates
Bristol’s VRX Gaming, which opened in January in The Galleries shopping centre, has permanently closed down, after high business rates..

Select committee presses for business rates reform to save high streets

Select committee, business rates, reform, uk high streets
Parliamentary commissioners have called for “green taxes” on online retailers and reduced business rates for high-street shops in a bid to “level the playing-field” of the market. One international real estate firm has welcomed the release of recommendations from parliament’s Housing, Communities and Local Government Committee which have implored government to take steps to ease the pressure on high-street businesses. A...

Bugger the business rates, says Cable

Vince Cable
The latest policy document from the Liberal Democrats wants to do-away with business rates completely, placing the burden of commercial property taxes squarely with land-owners. The Liberal Democrats have laid-down a new plan to abolish the current system of business rates in favour of land-value taxation on commercial property owners. In his introduction to the new proposals, Lib Dem leader...

UKHospitality calls for more action on rates

UKHopsitality has made it clear to the treasury that it must undertake a serious re-evaluation of current business rates guidelines if the future prosperity of the hospitality industry is to be ensured. The trade body responded to a statement released by the chancellor that was in turn a retort to a Committee letter expressing concern that the current business rates...

Showman museum plans hindered by council

A man with strong family ties to the showman industry is attempting to open a museum to celebrate the history and traditions behind the culture. Mick White, based near Bassingthorpe in Lincolnshire, claimed it has been a lifelong dream to open a working museum, a project which at present is being hamstrung by business rates valuations. “My ambition is to open...

High street diploma

High Street
With national media now campaigning to save the high street, Olly Gully believes the focus should be a reduction in business rates, and a promotion of business-minded individuals in local government. If councils want to collect such high business rates, they need to also support the businesses that pay it. This is the message from Tyler Shaw of Shaws Premier...

Colliers International welcomes Scottish government’s business rates reform

colliers international
Colliers International yesterday welcomed the Scottish Government’s plans to implement the vast majority of the recommendations of the Barclay Review on Business Rates Reform.   Calling it a  “a move in the right direction for Scotland”, the Colliers team believes Scottish hotel, leisure and catering businesses will benefit from the implementation of three yearly valuations from 2022;  an expansion of Fresh...

BBPA manifesto calls for business rates assistance

Coinslot - manifesto BBPA business rates
The British Beer and Pub Association (BBPA) has called for pubs to receive a £25,000 business rates assistance package in its latest manifesto, released ahead of the general election.   The manifesto proposes a business rates assistance payment of £5,000 per annum for five years, an extension of the current one year, £1,000 per-pub plan. Stating that the current tax levied on...

Business rates staying down, as Holyrood listen to status quo

Coinslot - Holyrood Business Rates
As industry gears up for Scottish Tourism Week, Holyrood has made further concessions to its business rate reliefs in the wake of widespread concern, extending provision to even more in the leisure and hospitality sectors.   Scottish Culture Secretary, Fiona Hyslop, has announced that a 12.5 percent rate rise cap for business rates in the country, previously rather limited, was to...

Profits up at pub industry giant Wetherspoon

Coinslot - Wetherspoon Tim Martin Revenue report
Tim Martin, Chairman of JD Wetherspoon Plc the renowned British pub chain, hits out at the government and supermarkets.   Wetherspoon’s preliminary results for the 26 weeks ended 22 January 2017 show Revenue up 1.4% to £801.4m and profit before tax increase from £36m in 2016 to £51.4m. Like-for-like sales were +3.3% with Operating profit jumping from £49.4m to £65.1m. Commenting on...

Drakeford sets out further plans for Welsh relief

Coinslot - Mark Drakeford Welsh relief Business Rates
As the debate around English business rates continues to rage, Mark Drakeford, cabinet secretary for finance and local government in the Welsh Assembly, lays out the country’s plans for high street business rate relief.   On 17 December 2016, as part of the final Budget, the Welsh Government announced an extra £10m to support high street retailers. I am today setting out...

Mike Cherry: SME’s mean business on rates

Coinslot - Mike Cherry Budget
Mike Cherry, national chairman of the federation of small businesses, has hit out at the government over the divisive issue of business rates - challenging the Chancellor to deliver action in his upcoming Spring Budget.   Cherry explained: The business rates system is an unfair, regressive tax which hits small firms before they’ve had the chance to make their first £1...

Zero sum games a possibility following rate changes

Coinslot - Sum Business Rates UK High Street
Saving high streets requires a dramatic rewriting of the business rates system, says Aden Simpson. If this is a priority, which itself is far from clear, the shortfall sum will have to be picked up by someone else.   Commercial council tax – aka business rates – contribute £26bn to local authorities otherwise impoverished budgets each year. At five percent of...

Nicholls presses Hammond on budget business rates

Coinslot Kate Nicholls AMLR Business Rates April Budget
The Association of Licensed Multiple Retailers (AMLR) has released its submission to the Treasury ahead of March’s 2017 Budget, in the form of a letter from CEO Kate Nicholls.   The ALMR welcomes the opportunity to submit its recommendations for the 2017 Budget. We represent almost all licensed hospitality operators - managed pubs, bars, coffee shops and restaurants. Our members run over...

Looming business rates overhaul raises questions

Coinslot rates FOBTs
Whilst some may be looking forward to be a proposed FOBT stake reduction restoring betting parity on the high street, a revision of business rates may render positive legislative gains null, suggests Tom Rush.   April will see an overhaul of business rates for the first time in a decade, taking into account the rise in property valuation in the interim...

ALMR renews calls for business rates action

Coinslot ALMR Business Rates
Calls for business rates revamp grow following details of Amazon’s business rates cut.   The Association of Licensed Multiple Retailers, which represents a large number of pubs across the country, is leading renewed calls for a business rates revamp. Trade associations including BALPPA and Bacta have spoken on out on this issue before, but the ALMR has been prompted to issue fresh...

Business rates absurdity: Product 
and producer of dying UK high streets

Coinslot Business Rates
The rise of e-retailers means demand for shopfronts is plummeting nationwide, yet rather than falling in tandem as they should, business rates are going up. Operators discuss why this is, and how leaning on shopkeepers is only making things worse for everyone. When the market for mobile phones exploded in the late nineties, high street landlords were inundated with demand...