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EAG 2020 opens with a new vision for the industry

EAG 2020 Show floor
Olly Gully reports on an opening day that signalled how far the industry had come towards a new vision for amusements and coin-op in the UK.

When it comes to the Bulldog range, Chris Widdowson states the cashbox speaks louder than words

Bulldog, RMLS Sales, interview, Chris Widdowson, cashbox
Chris Widdowson, Key Account Manager at RLMS Sales, likes nothing more than a day at the seaside and believes the Bulldog currency of FUN translates directly to the cashbox. From the time that you’ve spent talking to operators at Britain’s coastal resorts, what’s your impression of the offering and what do they deliver in terms of fun and entertainment? Chris Widdowson:...

SuperBowl UK: Pushing the entertainment envelope

Superbowl UK entertainment Bulldog
Paul Quaintance Director of QLP Holdings Limited, which owns and manages eight Superbowl UK centres across the UK, discusses the company’s unprecedented expansion throughout the coming 18 months, the vital role amusements play in repeat business and how Bulldog...

Bulldog’s bark just as good as its bite

Bulldog, rmls sales, amusement fec,
As the cornerstone attraction of many seaside arcades, FECs and bowling centres throughout the country, the Bulldog collection of licensed and non-licensed products are delivering the key ingredient of FUN and they are doing it in spades. Tony Glanville, managing director of Bulldog’s exclusive distributors, RLMS Sales, focusses on the brand’s Deal Or No Deal and Pac-Man pushers and...

Bulldog pedigree is in the cash box as operators benefit from boost to the bottom line

Bulldog, gaming, RLMS, entertainment
RLMS Sales managing director, Tony Glanville, explains how Bulldog’s unique take on family entertainment is ensuring that players of all ages keep on coming back for more. Bulldog operates in an intensely competitive market, how has the range performed against rival products? Tony Glanville: The simple answer to that is incredibly well. The data we have, shows that Bulldog products outperform...

Bulldog strike international distribution agreement with Warehouse of Games

Bulldog, international distribution agreement, Warehouse of Games
The great British Bulldog will be heading across the Middle East following the Novomatic UK company’s distribution deal with Warehouse of Games. Bulldog MD Peter Collinge explains the background to the agreement and tells Coinslot what it means to its buoyant redemption range. The exportability of the Bulldog redemption range has been con- firmed following a distribution agreement with Dubai-based...

Bulldog stands firm as branded redemption leader

Bulldog, branded, redemption,
With the growth of redemption gaming the hot topic of EAG, Bulldog Games set itself ahead of the trend, showcasing a high-quality range of pushers backed by top level branding and license endorsements. Any visitor to EAG 2019 will attest to the fact that redemption was a key focus for exhibiters, a trend which manufacturer Bulldog Games took to the...

Bulldog’s Pac-Man pusher makes the headlines with BANDAI NAMCO order

Bulldog, Pac-Man, pusher, BANDAI NAMCO,
Bulldog Games, the pusher and redemption brand that was launched to critical acclaim at last year’s show, made a huge statement of intent securing what managing director Peter Collinge described as a ‘significant order’ from BANDAI NAMCO for the company’s Pac-Man Pusher which is making its industry debut at EAG. John McKenzie, managing director, Bandai Namco Holdings (UK),completed the deal...

Bulldog to show its pedigree at EAG

Bulldog Now with Pedigree’ is the campaign theme adopted by the UK’s most exciting and innovative redemption brand as it prepares to launch its second collection of British manufactured products to an expectant audience at EAG. The highlight of the show when it was unveiled at EAG 2018, the Bulldog range enjoyed a phenomenal debut year, which, according to the...

Bulldog set to build on record breaking year

‘An awesome year which quite simply exceeded all of our expectations’, is how Peter Collinge, managing director of Bulldog Games, reflected on the success enjoyed by the industry’s newest redemption brand. Launched by Novomatic UK at EAG 2018, the Bulldog range has reinforced its ‘Be amazed’ marketing campaign with 85 percent of Bulldog product in the top three highest performing...

RLMS marketing man makes his mark in Holland

Novomatic Martyn allsop RLMS Holland
RLMS Sales', Martyn Allsop, is the toast of the Dutch gaming industry after his concept for a trilogy of new low stake machines has become a record breaking reality after he entered a group wide competition run by Novomatic UK to identify big new ideas that would benefit the industry.

Fun Facts show popularity of Bulldog brand

RLMS Bulldog Mayfair Old Kent Road
Launched amid a fanfare of excitement and a slogan advising the industry to ‘Be Amazed’ the Bulldog Games brand of UK manufactured pusher and redemption equipment, appears to have lived up to all of the anticipation and marketing buzz...

It’s always sunny in Park Avenue: A day of product, people, and post-Triennial Review conversation

Despite the industry being spread thin between Euromat and an expo in China, ParkAvenue Open Day lived up to its name as the industry’s premier summer event, with manufacturers and operators piling into Electrocoin and UDC’s offices for a day of product, networking, and the Stergides’ famous Greek hospitality. Another sunny, successful and busy ParkAvenue took place on 6 June,...

1,500th pusher bed triggers Bulldog donation

Bulldog triggers donation
Bacta President Gabi Stergides and Shafiya Shah, Corporate Account Manager at the Rays of Sunshine charity, were on hand at the recent Park Avenue Open Day to accept a cheque for £1,000 on behalf of the Bulldog Games brand of pusher and redemption equipment.

Bulldog focus groups help to identify the ‘fun factor’

2579 analysis bulldog games[2][3]
The largest focus group in the history of the pusher is how Chris Widdowson, key account manager at RLMS Sales, has described the development of the Bulldog Games range of equipment that has enjoyed a meteoritic rise following its launch at January’s EAG. The range, which comprises the 4,6 and 8 player Deal or No Deal models, Monopoly 2p Roll...

Bulldog leads the way with sales 86 percent up on forecasts

Bulldog games
Bulldog Games,the pusher and redemption brand that was unveiled to the industry at EAG, has enjoyed a stellar launch with sales 86 percent ahead of forecasts. The figures cover the first quarter of 2018 and relate to sales of Bulldog’s 4, 6 and 8 player Deal or No Deal…