Tuesday, January 25, 2022

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Reduced VAT petition gains over 2,000 signatures

Reduced VAT petition gains over 2000 signatures
A petition calling on the Chancellor to retain the current 12.5 percent VAT rate for the hospitality industry beyond its April deadline has gathered more than 2,000 signatures.

UKHospitality Scotland urges Holyrood Government to extend Business Rate Relief

UK Hospitality Scotland urges extention Business Rates Relief
The Scottish hospitality sector is looking south of the border and wants a similar response to discounted business rates.

Autumn Budget Industry Response

industry response Autumn Budget ©UK Parliament_Jessica Taylor
It wasn’t worth waiting up all night for Santa but Bacta did take some positives from the chancellor’s budget statement. Business rates reduction, beer duty freeze and the prospect of extra cash percolating around the system are all good for the sector. But still no MGD cut which is really what the industry needs.

BBPA make Treasury demands ahead of Budget

BBPA treasury demands ahead of budget
The British Beer and Pub Association has held a “very productive” meeting with the Treasury ahead of the 27 October Budget, highlighting the £26bn contributed by the sector annually.

British Retail Consortium urges Treasury to reduce business rates burden

tax British Retail Consortium budget call
New report shows damaging impact of ‘shops tax’ on the levelling up agenda predicting further shop closures and job losses across the country. Time has run out for the restrictive business rates tax regime.

Federation of Small Businesses asks government ‘what’s your offer?’

Federation Small Businesses Conservative Party tax
The Conservative Party’s relationship with business is at risk following the biggest small business tax hike in British history.

Trade bodies call on Chancellor to keep VAT at 12.5 percent

Rishi Sunak Trade Bodies call on Chancellor to keep VAT at 12.5 percent
An alliance of leading trade associations has undertaken a large-scale survey of businesses to establish the impact of an increase in VAT and the results don’t make pleasant reading for the government. Keep the rate down, they argue, or risk the recovery of hospitality around the UK.

BBPA hails success of National Hospitality Day

National Hospitality Day BBPA
The British Beer and Pub Association has estimated that over 18 million pints were served during National Hospitality Day on 18 September, after issuing a rallying call for pubgoers to support their local.

Budget 2021 Response – part 5

Budget response Blackpool Light
Like many, industry consultant Debbie Bollard is disappointed at the lack of support for the supply chain. But she finds heart in the super reduction initiative which could kick-start the product sales and manufacturing sector for the next few years.

Budget 2021 Response – part 4

Budget 2021 response Lincoln High Street
This Budget delivers a solid platform for many businesses to relaunch as the economy reopens.

Budget 2021 response – part 3

Budget 2021 response - Admiral AGC
The global giant Open earlier and clarify state aid limits, otherwise our high streets will be damaged not protected ZANE MERSICH CEO NOVOMATIC UK LIMITED Novomatic UK CEO Zane Mersich argues that the industry continues to be forgotten when it comes to the decision making process and that it’s imperative the operator’s venues are allowed to open with the rest of the high...

Response to Budget 2021 – part 2

Budget 2021 response Cashino Bromley
For Gauselmann UK’s General Manager Sascha Blodau, the decision to steer away from tax increases is the biggest plus in the chancellor’s budget this week. The extension of furlough and business rates relief also run very high on his checklist.

Response to Budget 2021 – part 1

Budget 2021 response Jessica Taylor image
Response to Budget 2021 - Bacta were slightly torn by a budget that delivered hope for its seaside members but despair for the supply chain..

Mr P’s hopes summer spending stays ‘in house’

Mr Ps Classic Amusements
Mr P’s Classic Amusements is looking forward to the end of what it hopes will be the last lockdown, and the start of a summer of ‘in house’ spending by the British public.

A budget of boom and bust: A bit of boom for operators, and a supply chain with credible fears of going bust

Rishi Sunak Budget speech
Every chancellor expects a good kick-in after delivering a Budget Statement, but while Rishi Sunak was able to throw enough money at the rabble to soften the blows, there were still hefty punches to be landed

Horwood: “We have noticed an increase in enquiries and orders”

Mark Horwood UDC Roadmap to recovery
The roadmap is a ‘massive boost’, says Mark Horwood of UDC. But it doesn’t mask the discrepancies in the government support schemes, which for the next ten weeks will be crucial. Top of the list for the machines distributor is consistent application of the VAT cut across the sector.

Arcades need more clarity on opening, especially arcades that sit within other venues

Anne Ackord Brighton Pier Group Roadmap to recovery
For a pier operator, the government’s roadmap is a maze. Can arcades on Brighton Pier open or not, for example? A simple question, but there’s nothing simple for the industry under current reopening guidelines as BPG chief executive Anne Ackord notes. All she wants is no u turns - “we’ve had too many of those”.

Hannibal: Many businesses are in the economic equivalent of intensive care and they need to be nursed back to full health

Peter Hannibal Gambling Business Group Roadmap to Recovery
Gambling Business Group CEO Peter Hannibal is anxious that we’re working to ‘not before’ dates and that will serve to drag the industry back. So, it’s down to a package of crucial support measures from the chancellor; cutting taxes, managing inflation levels and restoring confidence are high on the Hannibal checklist.

Mark Jepp: If the prime minster is following the data then the milestone dates should be brought forward at the very least

Mark Jepp assessment Government handling of pandemic
Mark Jepp hasn’t pulled any punches in his assessment of the government’s handling of the pandemic - the paradox, he says, is the vaccine has led to a longer lockdown not an earlier reopening.

Two Easters and a Mayday down, but caution beats lockdown 4

James Anderson Bandai Namco BNAE Roadmap
BNAE’s James Anderson is fairly stoic about the roadmap - at least there’s something to work with, he suggests. But the loss of three bank holidays does rankle and the continued confusion surrounding FECs and AGCs makes the roadmap to recovery a bumpier one than hoped for.

Retail body argues for early return of non-essential retail as lockdown costs sector £22bn

High Street retail lockdown costs
Action on rates, rents and grants is essential to drive non-essential retail recovery and provide the support to kick-start the broader economy. And that must include the high street amusements and leisure offerings.   The British Retail Consortium has made a powerful case for lifting the restrictions on non-essential retail at the earliest opportunity alongside a robust programme of financial assistance...

Showmen secure parliamentary consultation on Red Diesel

Showmen parliamentary consultation red diesel
The Showmen’s Guild of Great Britain secured the support of Margaret Ferrier MP in calling for the Red Diesel tax rebate to be extended to the showmen community, following the removal of entitlements announced in the Budget.

Project cater for smaller budget player with development of £70 Cat C

Project Super Cherry
Project has adopted an unconventional approach to the Cat C genre following confirmation that it has completed development of a £70 jackpot machine in time for EAG. Set to be unveiled from stand 412, Project’s Cherry Bar is a simple, dedicated game featuring two win symbols, a free spins symbol and is housed in the company's specially developed high impact,...

Chancellor reaffirms pub support

pubs, tw
Philip Hammond has reaffirmed his support for British pubs ahead of announcing the nation’s third quarter GDP results. The Chancellor made his latest positive comments during a tour of Fuller’s brewery where he was accompanied by the beer maker’s chief executive, Simon Emeny and BBPA chief executive, Brigid Simmonds. “The success story of British brewing was clear to see from my...

Hammond not budging on FOBT issue

Philip Hammond, budget, fobt
Following the recent budget, chancellor Philip Hammond has come in for criticism for postponing a cut to the maximum stakes for fixed odds betting terminals (FOBTs) from May next year to October 2019. The controversy prompted the resignation of sports minister Tracey Crouch, who reportedly believes that party colleagues, including pro-gambling MP Philip Davies, went over her head to secure...

Minister on brink of quitting over FOBT stake delay

FOBT stake reduction
Tracey Crouch, the Sports & Civil Society Minister, is understood to be considering her position after the Treasury announced a six month delay in the reduction of stakes on fixed odds betting terminals. The Government had previously agreed to slash the stakes on fobts, but the recent budget announced that a reduction will be delayed by six months until October...

GambleAware announce two-year £32m budget thanks to “bad behaviour”, but who pays next time?

With its coffers swollen by ‘regulatory settlements’, GambleAware has announced a £32m budget and a major acceleration in the delivery of its programme for 2018- 20. But who will pay next time, and how? GambleAware has doubled its budget and will spend £32m tackling gambling-related harms over the next two years. Details revealed in the charity’s new Strategic Delivery Plan for...

Support British pubs, public tells government ahead of Budget

Coinslot - Pubs Brexit public
  A YouGov poll has reported huge public support to help brewers and pubs in this week’s Budget.   More than half of respondents (54 percent) said they wanted the government to take action to support the brewing industry, outnumbering those not in favour by two to one (24 percent). The British Beer and Pub Association (BBPA) commissioned the poll, as part...

Wetherspoon’s Tim Martin: “A budget for dinner parties”

Coinslot - Wetherspoon Tim Martin budget
Wetherspoons chief executive, Tim Martin, took the opportunity granted by the release of the pubco’s financial results to give his, less than positive, thoughts on the Chancellor’s recent budget speech.   The biggest danger to the pub industry is the continuing tax disparity between supermarkets and pubs, in respect of VAT and business rates. As previously indicated, we understand the need for...