Wednesday, July 6, 2022

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As inflation squeezes discretionary spend it’s bad news for the leisure and hospitality sector

inflation hospitality leisure British Retail Consortium
4 in 10 households say that their spending is being constrained by increases in energy, travel and both food and non-food retail. Reduced discretionary spend moving forward does not augur well for hospitality.

British Retail Consortium: Retail sales getting back on track ahead of Christmas

High street spending British Retail Consortium
Confident consumers are back on the high street spending ahead of Christmas although fears mount of inflationary price rises.

Shop vacancy rate plateaus but over 14 percent of high street premises still remain unoccupied

British Retail Consortium shop vacancy rate plateaus 14 percent high street premises remain unoccupied
The latest figures from the British Retail Consortium provide some grounds for optimism but the fact remains that 10 percent of high street shops have been empty for over a year.

Autumn Budget Industry Response

industry response Autumn Budget ©UK Parliament_Jessica Taylor
It wasn’t worth waiting up all night for Santa but Bacta did take some positives from the chancellor’s budget statement. Business rates reduction, beer duty freeze and the prospect of extra cash percolating around the system are all good for the sector. But still no MGD cut which is really what the industry needs.

British Retail Consortium urges Treasury to reduce business rates burden

tax British Retail Consortium budget call
New report shows damaging impact of ‘shops tax’ on the levelling up agenda predicting further shop closures and job losses across the country. Time has run out for the restrictive business rates tax regime.

Off The Record: Spotless Machines / Bank Holidays / Raab / Don’t Cross Carrie / Benefits

Boris Johnson Carrie off the record spotless machines TUC bank holidays
Why it pays to keep gaming machines spotless, the power of Carrie and why the industry should join forces with the TUC - hot topics covered by Coinslot’s mystery Arcadian in this week’s edition of Off The Record.

Low point for high street: One in seven shops shuttered with vacancies at a record high

UK High Street low point British Retail Consortium
The size of the challenge facing businesses on the high street has been put into sharp focus following the latest data-set published by the British Retail Consortium (BRC).

Which? secures big name retailer backing to protect cash

Which - retailer backing to protect cash retail
Up to 10m people in the UK are dependent on cash and Which? has secured the support of retailers and the government to protect them.

Budget 2021 response – part 3

Budget 2021 response - Admiral AGC
The global giant Open earlier and clarify state aid limits, otherwise our high streets will be damaged not protected ZANE MERSICH CEO NOVOMATIC UK LIMITED Novomatic UK CEO Zane Mersich argues that the industry continues to be forgotten when it comes to the decision making process and that it’s imperative the operator’s venues are allowed to open with the rest of the high...

Retail in turmoil as footfall for January declines by 78 percent

Retail High Street turmoil
The size of the task facing businesses reliant on high street footfall, including pubs and AGCs, has been put into stark relief based on the latest research findings from the British Retail Consortium (BRC).

Rents, Rates and Re-opening: The three Rs that government needs to learn if the high street is to recover

high street retailers fear lockdown
With footfall for the first week of November plummeting by 75 percent year on year, businesses that rely on a healthy high street including pubs, AGCs and bingo halls are praying for a timely end to lockdown. Last week 61 CEOs warned of the scale of the problem in a letter to The Times.

External cash machines shouldn’t pay seperate rates, rules Supreme Court

ATM Cash Machine business rates
Operators that have previously paid separate business rates on their cash machines could be in for a rebate after supermarkets won an appeal in the Supreme Court last week, Grocers including Tesco and Sainsbury’s first won a ruling saying they were not liable for separate rates on cash machines at their supermarkets in 2018, but this decision was challenged by valuations officers working for HMRC.

British Retail Consortium details high street downturn

high Street British Retail Consortium
Is Britain’s high street screwed? The British Retail Consortium paints a disturbing picture; the labour leader has put himself forward as the saviour..

Cards overtakes cash, but the king is not dead yet

Coinslot - Card cash
The ATM turns 50, Visa declare war on cash, and the British Retail Consortium reveal that more than half of all payments in the UK were made on a card in 2016. The landscape of payments is changing and there is no doubt that the industry’s regulation must keep up - but is a completely cashless society beneficial or...