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Hospitality sector moves to plug post-Brexit skills gap

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The ideology of Brexit may remain as divisive as ever, but the practicality of leaving Europe requires action rather than debate, so argues the key industry bodies engaged in the hospitality sector.   Whilst tepid to the UK’s departure from the EU, trade bodies, the BHA, ALMR and BBPA, have teamed up to help drive a national campaign to bridge the...

Government advised to give ‘under appreciated’ tourism industry new department

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BHA chairman Nick Varney has called on the new government to take tourism more seriously. British Hospitality Association chairman Nick Varney has advised the new government to move responsibility for the promotion of UK tourism to a new department. Speaking at the BHA Summit in London last week, Varney said that under the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, where it...

BHA calls for tourism VAT reduction ahead of election

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Ahead of the 2017 general election, the British Hospitality Association calls on all political parties to commit to make hospitality and tourism a strategic priority, setting out a raft of recommendations on which it wishes the new government to act.   Develop evidence-based immigration targets It is vital that the new immigration system which will be introduced after the UK leaves the...

BALPPA and BHA warn immigration controls could hit seaside sector

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The leisure and hospitality industry are gravely concerned at the employment prospects of a Brexit Britain. With such a strong support from overseas workers, the sectors fear that costs will have to rise if EU nationals can no longer able to freely work in British businesses.   BALPPA and the British Hospitality Association have warned that tighter immigration controls could damage...

Home office responds to hospitality worker concerns

The Home Office is looking into plans for short term visas for young EU nationals to support the hospitality industry post-Brexit.   Ministers are considering a two-year fixed visa for young Europeans seeking work in low-skilled sectors in a move that follows the raising of serious concerns over the UK’s hospitality industry post-Brexit. The new visa route would be targeted at those...

Arcade operators lukewarm to employment concerns in BHA report

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As small businesses, arcades are used to operating within tight margins and remain unfazed by predictions from the BHA about a UK staffing shortfall if immigration from the European Union is too tightly controlled.   The British Hospitality Association (BHA) has warned the hospitality sector faces a shortfall of 60,000 workers a year if immigration from the European Union is too...

Google launches bespoke digital skills programme to boost seaside tourism

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Inadequate digital skills can be a real barrier when it comes to growing visitor numbers, but Google’s new initiative aims to help seaside business take advantage of today’s connected world.   Technology giant Google has launched a new digital skills training programme to give businesses in seaside towns the digital skills needed to boost tourism. The initiative, announced as part of the...

Tourism numbers don’t always mean more money

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Media Watch comments on an update from the BHA on tourism spend in the UK.   A quick update from the British Hospitality Association (BHA) about falling inbound tourism spending that, thankfully, doesn't look like it will be impacting those travellers visiting coin-op businesses. Inbound holiday visitors to the UK in December rose by 15 percent, but there was a two percent...

November breaks inbound records for tourism

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Inbound tourism in Britain hit record numbers in the final months of 2016. The somewhat confusing picture of British inbound tourism continues to take shape this month, with the weight of evidence seemingly now on the common sense side of the equation. According to the latest monitor from the British Hospitality Association (BHA), November was a record breaking month, with arrivals...

Media Watch: Backing the right horse

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Should we be cutting tourism VAT, supporting the pinball industry or banning all chess players? These questions and more are asked (if not answered) in this week’s look at the world’s media. In the Mail on Sunday last week, city editor Simon Watkins is arguing that Britain must do more to back its tourist trade: “The leisure sector has been...

BHA to discuss Brexit employment fallout

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Following its calls for confirmed visas for foreign workers after the UK leaves the European Union, the British Hospitality Association (BHA) is now hosting an event hoping to educate businesses on the risks posed by the lack of access to cheap labour. The event will seek to analyse the question: “How will Brexit impact your ability to employ international workers?”...

BHA tourism report confounding post Brexit expectations

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The British Hospitality Association has claimed that, contrary to the conventional wisdom, the UK as not benefitted from either domestic or foreign tourism since Brexit. The surprise statements, which is likely to come in for some criticism, comes on the back of the BHA’s own Travel Monitor report, which finds that while visitors to Britain increased by 700,000 in the...

BHA upset by tourism VAT cut snub in Autumn Statement

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The British Hospitality Association has described last week’s Autumn Statement as a “missed opportunity” for British tourism. It was upset that chancellor Philip Hammond made no move to reduce VAT on attractions, accommodation and restaurants in his first fiscal announcement since the UK’s referendum on EU membership. Along with BALPPA, Bourne Leisure and Merlin Entertainments, the association has lobbied hard for...

UK adrift post Brexit as leisure tourism figures plummet in 2016

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Has the UK been set adrift following the EU referendum as the British Hospitality Association records significant drop in leisure tourism during 2016? The UK has seen the number of leisure tourists fall by approximately 400,000 during the first nine months of 2016 according to the British Hospitality Association (BHA) Travel Monitor. BHA’s newly launched report, which is due to be...

Tourism Action Plan is a step in the right direction

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Ufi Ibrahim, chief executive of the British Hospitality Association, says the government’s Tourism Action Plan offers a positive framework for change, although high tourism VAT and continual under-investment continue to hold back growth. Following the recent publication of the Tourism Action Plan, we welcome the Government’s clear commitment to supporting the tourism industry right across the UK and congratulate the...