Monday, September 21, 2020

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Richardson and Holland opt to remain closed past July 4

Happidrome not re-opening yet
Two high profile operators, Martin Richardson in Southend and Reece Holland in Whitby, have elected not to open just yet. They explain the rationale behind a very difficult decision.

Reece Holland: BLA backs Bridlington regeneration and re-opening

Reece Holland Bridlington Leisure Association
Bridlington Leisure Association has taken to social media to thank East Riding Council for its support in re-opening the new, multi-million pound..

Chapman goes viral with toilet roll stunt

Eddy Chapman Funland Bridlington
Bridlington arcade-owner Eddy Chapman thinks panic buying over Coronavirus is “loo-dicrous,” as the new prizes in his crane machine clearly attest.

The stalwarts of Bridlington

Shaws Premier Amusements
While big chains such as McDonalds, Woolworths and Marks and Spencer have all fallen off Bridlington’s busiest high street, amusements arcades such as Shaws Premier Amusements have remained stalwart. But for how much longer? With a beautiful harbour, two sandy beaches and several stately FECs, Bridlington has always been one of the most popular resorts alongYorkshire’s coastline - but businesses...

The quintessential cross-generational entertainment

Pushers hold a special place in the hearts of many, with families passing down memories of 2p triumphs from generation to generation in family-run FECs such as Shaws Premier Amusements. Perhaps the fan-favourite machine-type in FECs across the country, pushers are performing very well this season for operator Tyler Shaw at Shaws Premier Amusements - or the ‘Pusher Palace’, as...

Bridlington marina plans shelved, but could council start small?

Bridlington marina
While a long awaited marina project in Bridlington has been deemed “commercially un-viable”, local operator Tyler Shaw, owner of Shaw’s Premier Amusements, believes much smaller steps could help attract visitors to the seaside town.   In ambitious plan for a £115m major redevelopment of Bridlington harbour has been shelved due to lack of funds, but operator Shaw’s Premier Amusements believe the...

Plans for year-round arcade in Bridlington

Coinslot Bridlington Harrison planning
Long established Yorkshire arcade firm Harrison Leisure have lodged an application to extend their  amusement arcade located on Bridlington’s Royal Prince’s Parade into part of a unit formerly occupied by Burger King. Other that a brief period last summer when a gift shop occupied the space, it has been vacant since the Burger King closed in 2009 due to poor...